by Baker Fredal

Before the Titanic Set Sail

On April 10 1912,the titanic set sail for the USA it was the biggest ship in the world at the time. Every on thought it was unsinkable. And all the passengers that got to ride on it thought they where lucky lintel later that night at 12:40

The Sinking of the Titanic

It Sunk on April 14 1912 at 12:40 the titanic sunk in to the ocean. Stewart where telling passengers to bundle up put on life vest and go to the top deck. Some passengers said i am sleeping let me go back to sleep we just hit an ice burg it will be fine and then they went back to sleep. And woke up because there was water in there bed and there cabin was fluding and they could not get out of there room.

People that Survived

The Carpatheia coming to the rescue

The Carpathian a little way away got a radio message saying the titanic needed help they did not believe it, but they went full steam ahead to where the titanic was. They found life boats so they pulled them up and helped the passengers get on and treated there frost bite and warm them up so they did not get hypothermia