Week Of Peace

The Week Of Peace

The Week Of Peace is a time we have a good time with each other and have fun. Everyone is welcome to these event. We will have multiple activities and food so be sure you have your money ready.


We are going to have volleyball, basketball, and soccer at the event so bring your A-game that week and show everyone your skills.

Food and Drinks

We are going to have a variety of food like hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and pizza. For drinks all types of sodas and water.


1. No fighting

2. No Arguing

3. No verbal slurs

If these rules are not followed you will be kicked out of the event and not allowed to come back.

The Week Of Peace

Monday, April 14th, 5:30pm to Friday, April 18th, 5pm

101 E Union Bower Rd

Irving, TX