Battle of Gaine's Mill

June 27, 1862 in Hanover County, Virginia

Battle of Gaine's Mill

Pre Battle
  • Robert E Lee- Condefederate General
  • George B. McClellan- Union General

Army Size

  • Confederate- 57,108
  • Union- 34212

Outcome of the Battle

Who won? Confederate won!



  • Killed- 894
  • Wounded- 3,107
  • Missing or Captured- 108


  • Killed- 1,483
  • Wounded- 6,402
  • Missing or Captured- 2,836

Battle Summary


  • Union- They burned the bridges after they crossed them so the Confederate soilders could not retreat
  • Confederate- To stay alive as long as possible and wait for Union soldiers to run out of ammo

Events leading to Battle:

  • Union was trying to capture Richmond, Virginia
  • Battle of Seven Pines