Theme Book Study by Anjali Muppidi

What Happens When a Good Idea Goes Bad?

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Theme Image: Sandcastle Being Washed Over

A sandcastle being washed over symbolizes a good idea gone bad because the good idea of building a sandcastle close to the water would go bad when it is washed out by the tides. The image shows that good ideas, such as building a sandcastle near the water, can go bad, such as when the water destroys the castle.

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Adele - Someone Like You (Audio)

Someone Like You by Adele

Someone Like You by Adele is about a broken relationship. Adele sings about a relationship between herself and a man. After their breaks up, she says she wants someone else like him because he cared for her. This shows that a good idea, loving someone deeply and thinking you cannot be betrayed, can go bad when your love is broken apart.

Source: Adele - Someone Like You (Audio). YouTube, 25 Feb. 2011. Web. 17 May 2016.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The Host by Stephanie Meyer is about the story of a young woman named Melanie, who is captured after the human race is taken over by an alien race called "Souls". After Melanie is infused with a soul named "Wanderer", they fight one another for control of her body. The Host answers how a good idea can go bad by showing that fighting for your own mind is always a good idea, but even the best ideas can go bad.

" 'We continued to observe him, along with his comforter, and eventually discovered the host was was periodically taking control of Kevin's body.' "(26).

Source: Meyer, Stephenie. The Host: A Novel. London: Sphere, 2009. Print.

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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is about a world divided by the type of blood that people have. There are Reds, who are ordinary people that live poor lives, and there are Silvers, who have extraordinary powers and live a life of luxury. Mare Barrow, who is a Red, discovers that she has amazing powers beyond her knowledge. The Silver King and Queen betroth her to their youngest son, Maven, to cover up her powers for fear that the people would rebel at the site of her. Eventually, Mare and Maven get caught up in the Scarlet Guard, a Red rebellion against the Silvers. Soon, Mare is put into a rebellion that throws brother versus brother, Red versus Silver, and herself in the middle of a huge plot. Red Queen answers what happens when a good idea goes bad by showing that trusting someone can be a good idea, but anyone can betray anyone.

" Maven glances at me, his eyes wide and afraid. I know what he's thinking because I think it too. What have we done? "(256).

Source: Aveyard, Victoria. Red Queen. N.p.: HarperTeen, n.d. Print.

172 Hours On The Moon by Johan Harstad

172 Hours On The Moon by Johan Harstad is about three teenager who are selected to go to the moon. NASA has decided to send 8 astronauts and 3 teenagers to DARLAH Base 2, on the moon. On the moon, strange events have the crew wondering if they were ever wanted there... 172 Hours On The Moon answers the question, what happens when a good idea goes bad, by showing that the perception between good ideas and bad ideas can be very confusing. " 'Gentlemen, what if we were to send teenagers up there?'. No one responded. They all sat there, waiting , assuming that he was joking. 'You want to send kids up there? Why in the world would you want to put kids on the moon?' someone asked.".(6)

Source: Harstad, Johan. 172 Hours on the Moon. N.p.: Little, Brown for Young Readers, n.d. Print.

World War II: Nuclear Bombings of Japan

World War II: Nuclear Bombings of Japan

This historical bombing was the US and UK's decision to end World War II by dropping an atomic bomb on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Although it did end the war, many would say that this is a good idea gone bad because it killed many thousands of people and injured thousands more by spreading radiation to the people that weren't directly killed by the bomb.

Source: World War II: Nuclear Bombings of Japan. YouTube, n.d. Web. 18 May 2016.

Relevance To My Life

One moment in my life when a good idea went bad was when my siblings were being bullied at school. My good idea of creating a friendship between the bullies and my brother and sister went bad when the bullies continued to bully my siblings. The bullies were eventually stopped by teachers and the principal, but I often think about what would happened if my idea wouldn't have gone bad.
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This image is my brother and sister at their 8th birthday. This was taken shortly after the bullying incident, when the bullies were stopped by their teachers at school.
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This image is of my brother and sister before the bullying incident on a family vacation. They were ready to go back to school, not knowing that they would be bullied in the coming year.