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Contest On The Cards With Robert Rodriguez Charles Rangel And Keith Wright Running For Congress

All the contestants running for the 13th Congressional district of US have strongly laid their claims for the best approval by the local people. In their effort to gather more support from the press and public, they are coming forward to voice their candidature, like that of Keith Wright assemblyman. Similar to Keith Wright, there are other politicians, who have already had long years of taste of the public work such as that of Robert Rodriguez, who was also an assemblyman from East Harlem. Besides, many other heavyweights have thrown down their hats in the ring, which will see a major tussle during the primaries to be held around April 2016.

• Many contestants for the primaries have had successful stints in the assembly and New York’s politics

With the heavyweights having thrown in their candidature, the contest in this particular district of New York is going to be tough. But, contestants like Keith Wright Running For Congress are not going to let their guards down. These contestants have learned pretty well from their stint as local assemblymen, because of which they are also well recognized in different neighborhoods of New York. All of these are hoping to replace the long stint of Charles B Rangel, who has been elected since many decades from the district. The others like Robert Rodriquez and Keith Wright are hoping that their magic works this time around in 2016, because they have support of the local ethnic population and also because of their local upbringing. These assemblymen have been contesting elections from their local regions like East Harlem for Robert Rodriguez Charles Rangel, while Keith Wright has the support of the Afro-American population in the town of Harlem and the neighboring regions where this ethnic population is higher. But the tilt may favor Keith Wright assemblyman, if Charles Rangel declines to contest further and puts his weight behind Wright.

• Ethnic divide tilting towards Rodriguez due to changing demographic population

At the same time when Keith Wright running for Congress has strong backing from the African American communities, the same support will be expected by Robert Rodriguez. Even though he is having Latino origin, he still hopes for the support because in recent times, the ethnic population is slowly shifting towards Latin people. Also, another reason for Rodriguez to cheer up will be the previous year’s support that Espaillat had received, when he lost from Rangel with a very narrow margin.

• Wright in the reckoning because of the support possible from Rangel camp

Currently, Keith Wright running for Congress has got a head-start as the predictions of Charles Rangel not running for the seat gets more and more prevalent. At the same time, there are news reports of other candidates who would be standing up for the primaries and these candidates could pose serious threat to the New York state’s 13 Congressional district elections. Robert Rodriguez Charles Rangel may not fight it out, but it is clear that the contestants like Keith Wright, Adam Clayton Powell and Suzan Cook would be toppling the hopes of many of the stalwarts.

Contest On The Cards With Robert Rodriguez Charles Rangel And Keith Wright Running For Congress

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