The Music Thief

Peni R.Griffin


Jovita,- girl, hateful, and she is the bad person, she is only child, she doesn't like Alma,she is teenager

Alma- joyful girl, she is a really clever person, polite, two brothers, she loves music,she is a teenager,likes to sing,ambitious.

Tino-polite boy, helpful, tall, as a sister and a brother, and biggest , he is teenager,diligent

Eddie- helpful boy, emotional, smaller then Alma and smaller then Tino, he is a teenager,thoughtful


Alma, Jovita, Tino, Eddie go to the same school at San Antonio, Texas. After school Alma and her brothers go to there big house and Jovita goes to her house after school. Almas always in her bedroom she has the biggest room because she is the only girl. Alma, Tino and Eddie they go to there background by the sidewalk and they will be making music with the guitar.


The problem in the story is that Jovita takes Alma songs she made and Alma doesn't know who took it. My story is external Person vs Person because Alma has a problem with Jovita.


"Alma closed her eyes trembeling all over I don't deserve this she thought." pg 154

"But maybe she could live up to it." pg 154

"You are the future be good and sing true" pg 154

Plot summary

Alma is a polite and a joyful girl. Jovita is hateful no one likes her she only has one friend but it looks like her friend dosent like her because of what they did to Alma at the end . When school is over they all go home Jovita goes to her house and Alama and her two brothers Eddie, Tino go home together. When they are done eating there food they went to there background for they could think of there music. Eddie plays the guitar like Tino and Alma is the one that sings the music. When they are done with the music they put the song on the internet for the people could hear the music they made together the people enjoy it.The next day the disc was not there anymore. Jovita and her friend where the on that took the disc away. When Jovita had the disc she didn't tell anyone she had it because she was envious that they were popular in school. Jovitas friend Rosalia couldn't hold it anymore she wanted to tell Alma that they were the one that took her disc. Alma was thinking about who would of took in the disc then she tought to her self I think I know who took it was Jovita because has always been jealous about me being popular then there brothers said yes i think its was her they all helped each other to figure out who took the disc. Alma told Rosalia that if she knew who took her disc and Rosalia face was really red Alma said tell me I need to know who took it then the truth came out of Rosalias mouth its was me and Jovita. Alma went up to Jovita and told her to give back the disc and Jovita gave it to her. Alma forgived Jovita and Rosalia. Alma and Jovita, Rosalia became best friends and made music together and Alma was jumping to have her disc back. Alma Jovita and Rosalia made a song called Friendship cares and Tino and Eddie played the guitar. Then Alama was really proud of her brothers because they helped her fined the disc and made music with her.