Budget project

by: Ashton Dauphinais

My Education

Because I will have a double major, that both requires a bachelors degree, I will spend 5 years in college. I will spend $11,980 per semester, and $119,800 total to obtain my degrees. the school loan terms include 6.8% interest, and my interest with a two year deferment is $16,846.76. my school loan after deferment will be $1,138.72.

My Employment

I will be an architect and an interior designer in Texas. To have these positions I will have to obtain a bachelors degree for both jobs and have an internship to be an architect. my position is salary, and I would be paid $121,745.05 yearly before income taxes and $10,145 monthly before taxes are deducted. my income taxes are $27,159.86 a year making my net monthly income $7,882.10. I will use math in my career by making sure everything is symmetrical, and to ensure that the building is safe.

My Transportation

I will drive a 2016 Jeep Wrangler sport. I will buy this car pricing at $23,363 and have a monthly payment of $421. my car will be insured through Mercury Insurance costing $141 a month. My average cost of gas per month would be $104, bring the total monthly payments for transportation to $666.

My Home

I will buy my house costing, $785,000 and have a mortgage of $3,625. My electricity company will be Gexa Energy, costing 4.7¢ per kilowatt hour and an average monthly cost of $85.65. My internet will be bundled with cable through AT&T costing $150 per month. My insurance will be through Nationwide covering theft, fire, flood, natural disaster, and having a monthly cost of $279.03. In total, I will spend $4,139.8 on housing per month.


This section of my future life includes groceries, phone, clothing, and entertainment. I will spend about $404 a month on groceries and about $300 on clothing per month. My phone(s) will be covered by AT&T with the share value plan for $175 a month. I will also spend an average of $58 per month on entertainment. I will spend about $762 per month on living.

My Family

I will be married, and have three children. My children would be in child care at Children's Lighthouse, costing $1,126.67 per month for all three kids. My health insurance will be through Cigna costing $257 a month for my family, bring in the total monthly cost on family to $1,138.67.