Michael Northrop

Setting and Characters

The setting is in a place a little ways from Brantley. The characters are Jimmer Dobbs "JD", Jimmer's mom, Mars, Rudy, Mark, Sandy, and Aaron( friends of JD), a stores clerk.

Sneak Peek!!

It makes no sense: We don't have a dog. We never have.

I look around the dark room, trying to figure out where it is. It sounds close, and I don't want to get leg-humped or mauled or rabies. I reach up and sort of cover my face, so that I'm looking out through my spread fingers. Just as my eyes are beginning to adjust to the dark, the light flips on and I see my mom standing at the edge of the room.

"Don't worry," she says. "He's new."

It takes me a moment to realize she's talking to the dog.

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Want To Know More????

Sixteen-year-old Jimmer Dobbs, known to his friends as JD, returns from a vague absence “upstate” to find that his mother has replaced him with a Rottweiler from a rescue shelter. JD renames the dog Johnny Rotten, but because the dog has been abused, it takes a while for Johnny Rotten to trust the new man around the house. When Johnny Rotten bites one of JD’s friends, the friend’s family smells a payday and files suit. Because the dog has bitten before, his days are likely numbered. This JD cannot abide. He attempts to bribe the friend into dropping the lawsuit by coming clean about his summer away. His friend decides to tell his parents to drop the lawsuit and JD tells him why he was away. JD told him it was because he had been shoplifting. His dog was still in danger though. Now his mom was kind of worried and concerned about the dog and what to do with him. JD decides not to let anyone else see the dog. He also gets his mom to calm down about the dog and the JR starts to calm down as well. JR is alright now and they keep him..... He is a good dog and is very friendly. They live happily.

About the Author

Michael Northrop is a writer in New York, he is the author of Scholastic’s new multi-platform series, TombQuest. Book 1: The Book of the Dead will appear in February 2015. I am also the author of four young adult novels: Gentlemen (2009), which earned a Publishers Weekly Flying Start citation; Trapped (2011), an Indie Next List selection; Rotten (2013), one of the Bank Street College of Education’s Best Books of the Year; and his new one, Surrounded By Sharks (2014), one of E! Online’s Best Summer Reads. His first middle grade novel, Plunked, was named one of the best children’s books of the year by both the New York Public Library and Bank Street and was selected by NPR for its Backseat Book Club. He attended NYU, and worked at The World Almanac and Sports Illustrated Kids, where he was a senior editor from 2000 to 2008.

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