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January 29, 2016

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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February 12 - No School - Institute Day

February 15 - No School - Presidents Day

February 26 - Young Author books and Great America reading logs are due

News You Can Use

The friendship party will be on February 10. We will be making something in class to collect Valentines. I have included a list in this newsletter with the names of the students.

The class has earned their next reward party it will be sometime next week. We will be discussing the party on Monday.

I have included a link to this week's personification Padlet. Take a peek.

Paws Pride


This week the PAWS Pride lesson focused on team building. Each child had the opportunity to work together with a group to complete a task. Ask your child how they did.

PAWS Pride

This week each class extended the concept of team by developing a class goal based on the behavior matrix. Each class will have the month of February to meet their goal by demonstrating the behavior at least 80% of the month. If they meet the goal as a team, they will be rewarded at the end of the month. Ask your child about the goal and reward their class decided upon.

Literacy by Liam

monday we did personification we had to do a spinner for what wheather sun,wind,rain,snow,moon,tornado,rainbow,blizzard,air,breeze,dew and fog.You were supose to have a picture and a sentence.

tuesday we had to do a TFK (time for kids) for things invented in 2015.You had to read and summarise it.

wendsday You had to do O cusive

thursday read b.o.b. (battle of the books)

Mrs. Price's Math Class by Varshan

In math,we are adding and subtracting fractions.On Monday,we used models to subtract mixed numbers.We first start out with a solve and share where we solve a problem.Then we did a visual learning where we watch a video of what we're going to do in math that day.We do a convince me that is an another question.Then we do a guided practice that is the lesson.We have practice buddys for homework.On Tuesday we only did adding and subtracting reeds and today's challenge.The today's challenge are questions.The adding and subtracting reeds is a worksheet we do.We only did these two because we had a TAC day for a long time.On Wednesday,we did subtract mixed numbers.We did the convince me.We read the visual learning in a book on the Chromebook.Then we did the guided practice.On Thursday,we had a substitute teacher so we did a math writing and a worksheet.Math writing is when we solve a challenging problem.We did it with partners.On Friday,we did some subtracting problems with mixed numbers.Then we reviewed the worksheet we did on Thursday.Then we did a division activity that someone says a problem and someone says they have the answer.Then,Mrs.Price gave us a 4 question practice buddy for homework.We did some of it in math time.That is what we did this week in math.

Science by Jared

Monday-Today we started to put clay in the plastic eggs for testing because we forgot to last time.My group needed to put a little more support for the bumper at the front.Other groups are finishing up there cars to get ready for crash testing.

Tuesday-We had more time to build are car,test it,and see if we want to do our final product today.We also now have clay in our eggs to make it as heavy as a real egg.

Wednesday-Today we pretty much did what we did in Tuesday,but more group are getting their final product still and testing.One group has a giant wall and it makes the car bounce back a lot!

Thursday-Today we did the same thing again but my group got a little extra time to test.Two of the people in my group made 2 extra cars on each side for their little plastic animals.One was a turtle (with the shell off it looks like a flying squirrel) and the other is a Koala.

Friday-Today we had about 10-20 minutes to add anything else we want to andon Monday we will use the real egg so we had to get our final preparations.One group was testing and their car exploded in to pieces!

P.E. by Kyan

Mon : Running day! All we did was run in circles around the gym for half a hour!

Tues : Jump roping! Today we did jump rope! Mr.Lebar taught us tricks like the Wounded Duck, and the Side Swing cross! They were hard but we did it!

Wed : Even More jump roping! We got taught more tricks!

Thur : Obstacle Course Day! We did cupstacking! We got to go on the Balance Beams! We got to climb the rockwall too! It was a great day!

Fri : We did a game where you have to get to the other side of the gym WITHOUT hitting the ground. There was 3 people per mat!

Class List for Valentines

























Young Authors

Young Authors is in full swing for the year. Completed books are due to your child’s school no later than Friday, February 26th. Judging by community volunteers will take place the following week. Winning students who will represent Community District 158 at the Young Authors Conference will be notified prior to spring break. Below, please find guidelines for book submission, along with some general judging criteria. Please let your grade level representative know of any additional questions you may have.

Click HERE Guidelines & Judging Criteria.

Click HERE for sample writing frameworks.

Mrs. Christy Gibbs K-2 ( 847-659-5858)

Mrs. Laura Brummer 3-5 ( 847-659-3543)

Mrs. Tammy Carpenter 6-8 ( 847-659-4440)

Yearbook Orders

Students can still order yearbooks. Orders are taken definitely through January, but I will get you an exact end of sale date. Please put this in your newsletter for the next few weeks and add to your Haiku pages. Thanks much!

Click here to place your online order! Enter Conley yearbook ID code: 10091016