Ólöf Guðbjörg

I interviewed Ólöf Guðbjörg. Ólöf is a nurse at Kirkjuhvoll on Hvolsvöllur. I picked Ólöf because I like to work with her and it is good to talk to her about everything that related to health. Ólöf knows a lot about health and healthcare. Ólöf is good with helping people and she could be better nurse.

1. What is you’re name?

2. In what high school did you go to?

3. Where did you learn nursing?

4. How long did it took?

5. Is there something that is more special than other?

6. Where do you work now?

7. Do you want to learn something more?

8. Do you want to say something in the end?

Ólöf Guðbjörg is Eggert's and Jóna daughter. Ólöf went to Menntaskólinn á Laugarvatni and finished it in 4 years. Ólöf learned nursing in Háskóli Íslands. It took four years to learn nurse but you can be six years learning the nurse. Ólöf says that working on the hospital while she was learning is more special then other. Connect to people and get to try some things like take laboratory. Ólöf is the boss on Hjúkrunar og – dvalarheimilinu Kirkjuhvoll á Hvolsvelli. Ólöf like what she is doing know but maybe someday she will learn something more. She says that it is very fun to be a nurse and it is so interesting.

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