Southridge High School Newsletter

January 2018

Students of the Month

AdvancED External Review

On April 8th-11th our school corporation will be hosting an AdvancED External Review as a part of a process to become accredited. Each school strives for continuous improvement by aligning their school improvement plan, mission/vision statements, data collection and stakeholder surveys, As stakeholders (parents, students, community members), please review our school improvement goals, as well as our revised/updated vision statement and provide feedback/comments/suggestions.

SHS School Motto -Every Student, Every Day

Vision Statement -Developing College and Career Readiness through Excellence, Innovation, and Opportunity

Mission Statement -* Still a work in progress, but will be more detailed and will explain the key words in the vision statement. Suggestions are welcome.

School Improvement Goals-

Goal 1: All students at Southridge High School will exhibit improved reading comprehension skills in informational text across the curriculum. Reading comprehension scores will be raised by 3%.

Goal 2: We will increase student engagement through technology based instruction.

SHS Technology Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Altmeyer for being nominated as Tech Teacher of the Month! Mrs. Altmeyer has transformed her teaching this year, jumping on board with Google apps! In her classroom, students are surveyed and grouped with Google Forms. In Forms, Mrs. Altmeyer also checks for student understanding, embedding videos and asking comprehension questions. In addition, students have been creating personal electronic portfolios, and working on organizational skills within Google Drive. Way to go, Mrs. Altmeyer!

**AB All-Star Reward**

Nearly 160 students received all As and Bs on their first semester report card and were rewarded with an afternoon of fun at the Teen Outback. Activities included FOOD, Games, Contests, and Prizes!!!

Hard Work + Good Grades = Reward!!!

A huge THANK YOU to the Teen Outback for hosting us. :)

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JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates)

Southridge JAG participated in their annual CDC Competition with other schools in our Region. The students competed against 7 other schools. We had several score 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and receive awards.

Employability Skills- 1st Place Jeovany Dubon

Employability Skills- 2nd Place- Colton Frick

Critical Thinking- 1st Place- Kayla Moore

Writing Skills- 2nd Place- Grace Middleton

Cover Design- 3rd Place- Emily Garrett

Cover Design- 2nd Place- Ashley Johnson

Congratulations to all competitors! Jeovany and Kayla will be advancing to State JAG Competition in March!

Upcoming Date:

This Saturday, Feb. 3, the Band will host the ISSMA District Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Festival @ Southridge. There will be 20 schools with many students performing throughout the building all day.

Counselor's Corner

PSAT Scores

The sophomores received their access codes and their original PSAT test book during homeroom on Monday, January 29th. Sophomores are encouraged to log in and create an account on online at so that they can review their PSAT scores and sign up for help on Khan Academy.

“When you view your online score reports, you’ll get summaries of your performance on each test and content area. You can also filter results and drill down to see how you performed on easy, medium, and hard questions or on questions that measure different skills. Percentiles will show how you did compared to your peers.”

The sophomores will take the PSAT test again during their junior year. PSAT scores are used locally to determine eligibility for dual credit courses. When taken as a junior, the PSAT/NMSQT is the qualifying test for the National Merit® Scholarship Program, an academic competition for recognition and scholarships.


The seniors received a packet filled with information about local scholarships. Some of the applications can be found on line while other applications can be found in the counseling area. All of this information can be found on the Class of 2018 google classroom. The scholarships are organized by due date. Please pay careful attention to the requirements of each scholarship as this year, some of the requirements have changed.

College Goal Sunday

College Goal Sunday is a program that helps college-bound Indiana students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by providing on-site help from financial aid experts. College Goal Sunday 2018 will take place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 25 at Vincennes University- Jasper. To learn more about College Goal Sunday please visit the website at

Free tutoring program through Indiana University called Indiana Kids.

This program provides free mentoring, tutoring and educational workshops to middle and high school students across the state. Services include:

· Tutoring: Virtual tutoring is available Monday - Friday from 4 – 9 PM but closed during IU’s holiday and quarter breaks.

· Mentoring: Each student will be matched with a college student who will serve as a mentor. Mentors can provide advice on academics and positive choices along with college and career goals.

· Workshops: IU, Bloomington and/or IUPUI will sponsor and host workshops allowing students, parents, guardians and/or mentors to connect in person as requested.

You may go to the following link to sign up


FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

On Monday, January 8, The Raider Fellowship of Christian Athletes welcomed Mayor Dennis Spinner along with Young Life Director, Rusty Clayton. Mayor Spinner shared a message with members of how FCA was first established at Southridge when he was a student. He also shared that he views the youth in our community as future leaders and how this is a priority for him as the mayor. From a leadership perspective, Mayor Spinner sees the expansion of Young Life in the Huntingburg community as an essential element to our adolescent's development. He then introduced Rusty Clayton, who spoke to the students about what Young Life is doing now as well as the opportunity for them to attend the life-changing experience of Young Life camp in Colorado this summer. Rusty also shared a message wrapped around a scripture verse, and he invited students to be a part of something bigger than themselves. On February 5, we are looking forward to a visit from Jason Brand, the Southwest Indiana Director for FCA.

Latino Advocacy

The New Latino Advocacy Group will hold their next meeting during homeroom on Monday, Febraury 12th . Anyone interested in being part of

this newly formed group is invited to attend.

Freshman Mentors

The Freshman Mentors will spend the month of February discussing the consequences of Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug Use during homerooms. Activities include setting goals, ATOD Bingo, Fatal Vision Goggles, and discussing the meaning of Responsibility.

Media Center News

Chess Tourney

Our annual chess tourney is in full swing...
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Ellie explored with the Sphero and Mika created recycled book art.
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Rose Hulman Homework Hotline

Homework help is available for all students weekly Mondays-Thursdays from 7pm-10pm at 1-877-ASK-ROSE. For more information, online resources, or to email help visit

World Book Online

The Huntingburg Public Library's World Book subscription has recently become more user friendly for both students and teachers. As of last week, the subscription is now open to anyone with the universal user name/password and a library card number is NO LONGER required.

For access to World Book Online and the Huntingburg Public Library subscription, type in a browser or access from your preferred method. At home, type in the above and enter:

USER NAME: huntingburg