Thursday's Thoughts

Sept. 7, 2017

Teacher and Staff Custom of the Week

I hope you found ways to uplift your fellow staff members this week. We all need uplifting, so let's all work to find ways to do this often.

Our custom for next week is:

Choose to be HAPPY.

We all have days that we just have to choose happiness when we feel grumpy, frustrated, less than, negative, and short tempered. Our students will directly benefit from our choosing happiness day in and day out. :-)

Colt Custom #2

Always say yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir.

Discuss this custom with your class and expect your students to answer you with ma'am and/or sir. For many of our students, we will be the only adults teaching them to use manners in this way. This is an extremely important Colt Custom!


Remember to make sure you are meeting with your students to complete the interest inventory. Also, make sure you have told your students about the homework center that will begin next Tuesday morning. With this in place and if we all talk it up, there will be no students sitting at recess for no homework. This is another way we are supporting our students in ensuring they have every opportunity to meet classroom expectations. Include this information in your newsletters. The homework center will be open every Tuesday through Friday from 7:30-8:00.

Grade Level Captains

Please send me your grade level captain's name.

Field Trips

If you have not shared with me your field trip ideas and/or dates, please do so within the next two weeks. Thank you!

Title One

Our Title One plan is almost complete. We hope to receive funding by mid October. In our plan this year, I have included the following:

iPads for K-2 to get them to 1:1

Document cameras

Math Lab

Transportation Costs for field trips for each grade level

Reading A-Z, BrainPop, IXL Math, Rax Kids, and Tumblebooks

Reading Intervention

Funds for building classroom libraries

Funds for more books for our literacy closet

Funds to purchase Lucy Calkins Units of Study, F & P Phonics word study, and handwriting books

Additional hours for ESOL

Incentives for good grades and house winners

Books for fifth grade graduates

Funds for math manipulatives

Funds for professional development resources

My Little Library

RCA Trips

Many of you have asked about some of these things, so I wanted you to know what is included in our plan. We cannot begin purchasing or paying for these things until the money arrives in October. I am very thankful for this Title One funding. I will let you know as soon as it is in.

Schedules and Lesson Plans

Remember to send your schedule to Teresa and hang your lesson plans outside of your doors each Monday by 9:00.

Morning Duty

Please follow the same procedures in the morning for bus duty as we have started in the afternoons. We must have the very same expectations of student behavior schoolwide.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 11th: MAP Testing Begins

Sept. 12th: Fall pictures, K4-2nd grade meeting at 3:20. Assistants need to attend.

Sept. 13th: Girl/Boy Scout meeting at 2:00

Sept. 14th: Grade level meetings, Parent meeting for Girl/Boy Scouts

Sept. 15th: K5 house reveal at 8:30

Sept. 18th: House meetings, 8:15-Amistad, 8:45-Isibindi, 9:15-Fidelis, 9:45-Reveur

Sept. 19th: Faculty Meeting- make plans to be here until 4:30. Assistants need to attend for the first 30 minutes.

Sept. 21st: Grade level meetings, SAFE T Meeting with Samuel & Marley at 3:20

Sept. 22nd: House Council Nominations Due

Sept. 26th: Data meetings during related

Sept. 27th: 4K meeting

Sept. 28th: Grade level meetings

Sept. 29th: Fire Drill