Using credit wisely

By Nicholas Pelster

Steps 1-5 on how to be credit smart

In my opening paragraph I will show you steps one through five on how to use your credit wisely. So first off I think you should get a copy of your credit report every month. That way you can ensure that no fraudulent charges have been made on your credit cards, if if you have any unpaid bills. The second step is to try to always know what your credit score is in case you need to know it for some reason. Third, simply pay your bills on time, just paying your bills in time will improve your credit score immensouly. Fourth, have some good credit piled up so that lenders know that you will pay your bills on time. And finally the fifth thing is, you should set a budget to live within so your not buying more things than what you actually need.

Steps 6-10 on how to be credit smart

Continued from the paragraph above, I will now start step six, step six is to have a mix of accounts so that it shows you now how to manage multiple credit accounts. Step seven is to keep your credit card balances low cuz if large outstanding debts can lower you credit score. Step eight is to be cautious when closing your credit accounts. Step nine is to only open new credit accounts if there needed, otherwise try to back off. And the final step is to consistent information on your credit applications, this means it will help you set up your credit history correctly from the beginning.