I hate the Circus

The circus is Terrible

I really hate the circus!!!

The circus is. Terrible Crazy Horrible Creepy Sad!!!!!!!! They hit the Animals and Force the Animals to do Tricks do you Really want to see a Elephant Standing on Another Elephant no!!!!!!!!! It is not good for Animals To travel. And If you were an animal that was in the Circus how would you feel getting Locked up hit with a Stick force to do Track All the time!!!! And getting whipped for Other peoples Entertainment.

How you can stop help stop the Circus

Here are some ways

Do not go to the Circus Because When you go you Have to pay Money and When you pay it Gives The circus Money to Stay in business so do not go to the Circus.do not go to Any show that Has animals. Give Donations to PETA.

Hi I'm kaley

I love animals and I hate the Circus i hate Clowns they are Creepy and I love art and I love Music and Dancing.