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An Update on our school community

June 17, 2021

Fall Events

Mark your calendar:

Cathcart Business Day

August 25th

Drop-in between 9:00-11:30am or 1:00-3:00pm

Class assignments are available at this event

New Student Orientation

September 1

Teacher Meet & Greet

September 2


Cathcart Parent Organization Root Beer Social

September 2


First Day School for grades 1st - 6th

September 8

First Day of School for Kindergarten

September 13

Please be sure to watch for school newsletters in August

for more information or changes to these events.

Cathcart Students are Amazing

Wow, Cathcart students love to read! This year our students checked out almost 12,000 books from the Cathcart library. They also read over 1800 books on SORA and 1700 Epic books.

Keep on Reading Cathcart!

Technology Device Return

Please be sure that all district-issued laptops (and power cords), tablets (and chargers), carrying cases, wifi/hotspots, webcams and any other district device that was checked out to your student(s) has been returned. Our district will be charging a fee for all items not returned.

Cathcart Music Class Sampler

This playlist was created to share some of the music activities that our students did this year. A big thank you to Mrs. Forbus for creating so many music opportunities for the last 29 years at Cathcart.


Cathcart Elementary: Unicycle Capital of the World

Hi Everyone,

Thank you, everyone, for help with this story. It was a joy to report and write!

The story is in print in the summer issue of Washington North Coast Magazine. Today, June 12, it appears online at -- Here is the link. I have also attached the story as a PDF.

Is Snohomish County the Unicycle Capital of the world? Why not!

All the Best,

Janice Podsada

Business Reporter
The Daily Herald

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