Save a Penny

Providing finical education for homeless people


According to the National Coalition for the Homeless about 1.6 million people are homeless today ( That means 1.6 million people are either working to have a place of their own to call home or are living on the streets and in shelters. Homelessness can happen for many reasons. For example, a decrease in job security, lack of affordable housing, and mental illness ( After hitting what may feel like rock bottom it seems difficult to save your money again and get back on a financial track. Donna Stalling, a financial counselor and case manager at Virginia Supportive Housing , shares how her interactive financial literacy class has provided "90% of VSH's residents do not return homelessness" (

Action Plan

By giving Save a Penny $500,000 you will be helping homeless people learn financial literacy skills so they can create a better future for themselves and for their family. About 1.35 million children are also homeless and by teaching their parents strong financial skills it can passed on to the next generation ( One of the leading causes in lack of job security, so by educating more and more people about financial literacy there will be a need for more people to teach about this causing an increase in jobs. Save a Penny would take the $500,000 in two ways. First, a portion would be used as the income for the financial counselors so they can offer their services for free. Second, we would go into homeless shelters and set up a weekly class for the people living there. Once they pass a three month class and have the tools they need to be financially responsible Save a Penny would give them $1000 to jump start their financial plan. The catch with that is they need to have monthly meeting with a financial counselor for a year to show they are being financially responsible.


Theoretical Analysis: Save a Penny would be considered a structural-functional since homelessness can happen very fast and be caused by many interrelated parts. For example, it would be cause by a job loss so that effects the government and economy or someone who is mentally ill and cannot support themselves would be a deficient person.

Political Analysis: Since Save a Penny is a voluntary organization and are working to have people become independent it would fall under the conservative side. The end goal is for people to become financial independent and not become homeless again.


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