Froggy News

April 26, 2015

This Week's Events


- Unit 9 Math test


-Economics test


This week we will be reading A Letter to Amy. We will be working on the following skills:

  • identifying the character
  • ou and ow
  • noticing how the character develops
  • descriptive words
  • considering the author's motive
  • comparing characters


This week in Math we will finish unit 9 by learning about different scales and how to wiegh items. We will be taking the Unit 9 test on Wednesday. Please study the following with your child:

  • writing a ballpark estimate
  • adding 3 digit numbers together
  • completing a frames and arrows with 2 rules
  • drawing a line segment
  • measuring a line segment to the nearest inch and half inch
  • finding the area and the perimeter of an object
  • using appropriate unit of measurement
  • fining the median in a set of numbers
  • solve addition/subtraction number stories


This week the children will be learning about how to be a good shopper. We will creat pretend stores in which the kids will pretend to shop and work in. The children will be making their own pretend goods out of construction paper. They will also be making signs for their stores. After everything is made, the children will get to go shopping at our pretend stores with pretend money. They will be given a specific dollar amount to spend. The children will have a goal to get only the goods that they need. It should be a lot of fun!


This week we will be starting to learn how to write fiction. We will begin by having students examine books they know and determine the character profile. Next they will create their own story plan, character profile and start to write a beginning of their own story.



-Spelling page

-Home Link 9.8


-Study for Math test

-Spelling page


-Study for Economics test

-Read for 10 min. and write in log


Extra Math

-Study spelling words