ELC Newsletter

February 19th, 2016

Little Dribblers

Coach Kuehl has been running his Little Dribblers' Camp and sent over a photo of some of the students working on their beginning basketball skills. Can you recognize these future Oriole Basketball players?
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I have enjoyed reading your Survey Growth Analyses that were uploaded into OASYS by this past Monday, February 15th. There are some great strategies being used to help students continue on their learning journeys, as well as to help you as educators continue to focus on relationships as well as academics.

The Administrative Survey from me will be coming out by the end of February for all of you to evaluate and provide me feedback on my leadership skills, and areas that I can grow in. I look forward to getting that feedback from each of you.

Parent Teacher Conferences Next Week

I know that all of you are anxious to share with parents next week regarding their son or daughter's growth that we have seen. The communication between teacher and parent makes for greater growth for all of our children. I know that not only will test scores and report cards be shared, but samples of work, and lots of positives about how each child contributes to the class. The overall growth that we saw as we dug deeper into our data is also a great reflection on the hours of hard work that each of you has put in to help everyone reach the benchmark.

4K Arts for Kids Adds a New Member to our Family

After years helping Miss Jennifer Zwieg, Miss Jackie will be leaving Arts for Kids in a few week, to move on to the next phase in her life. The new educational assistant is Miss Danielle Kuhn. She has been observing this week already, and will continue observing and supporting next week. Danielle is a certified 4K teacher as well, and we look forward to working with her at ELC. While we are sad to see Miss Jackie leave, we welcome Miss Danielle!

Some Repairs to be Done

In the ELC Kitchen, Mr. Mand, with help from others is going to remove tiles from the kitchen that are around the drain. This work will take place next week on Thursday evening as well as on Friday. With no school on Friday, the work can be done without interrupting school lunch. The Day Care is well aware of this as well. A pipe leak will be repaired, and the flooring tile will be replaced over the weekend, so that meals will again be able to be served on Monday the 29th.

Posting is Up

With the retirement of Mrs Linda Chisholm and Mrs. Vicki Krug, the District has posted a position for our own 4K teacher. The program will be called the Junior Oriole Academy. We have the posting open for the next couple of weeks, and will then be interviewing candidates in March. Some of you might be interested in helping out on the interview team, and I will be seeking a team to help us come up with a great candidate to take to the Board for approval.

Upcoming Events at ELC

2/22/16: School Board Meeting at 7;00 PM

2/23/16: Parent Teacher Conferences beginning at 4:00 PM

2/25/16: School Culture Workshop at CESA for Oriole Way TEam Members from each school at CESA Parent Teacher Conferences beginning at 4:00 PM;

2/26/16: School Culture Workshop at CESA, day 2 ; No school for students, Conference Off Set Day

3/3/16: Interviews for Curriculum and Instruction Position

My Out of Building Times

2/22/16: 7;15 FLC PST; 1:00 Observation at FLC; 7;00 School Board

2/23/16: 7:45: IEP at FLC; 10:00 Admin. Meeting; 1:00 SPROUT Meeting at District Office; Conferences in Evening, have one meeting out of ELC, then back for end of conferences

2/24/16: 7:45 BAMS RtI; 8:30 BAMS BCT

2/25 and2/26 School Culture Workshop at CESA 6; Back for PT Conferences in Evening