Songs to Sing For the Talent Show

I need YOUR help to decide!

What Is This All About?

Hello family! Today, I'm going to list a few songs you suggested to sing for the talent show. I took them under advisement, but I still want to find the perfect one. You all have known me since day 1, so you are the perfect people to ask to find the perfect song! Thanks!

Songs Thought Of Already

Here is a list of the songs we have brainstormed already. I have included a video clip for each one, just to give you an idea on how it sounds.

Opportunity - 2014 Annie

Opportunity - Annie 2014

I Know Things Now - Into The Woods

Lilla Crawford - I Know Things Now (From "Into The Woods") (Audio)

There Are Giants In The Sky - Into The Woods

Daniel Huttlestone - Giants In The Sky (From "Into The Woods") (Audio)

On The Steps Of The Palace - Into The Woods

On the Steps of the Palace - "Into the Woods" Original Movie clip (Anna Kenrick)

Moments In The Woods - Into The Woods

Emily Blunt - Moments In The Woods (From "Into The Woods) (Audio)

Now It's YOUR Turn!

The button below takes you a Google document, where you can vote for the song you think I would sing best, plus also, you can add comments, AND add new songs YOU think I should sing instead of the songs listed. There is an endless possibility, and I need you to help me! Thanks again!
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