Markus Persson



Markus Persson wasn't the average child. He was born June 1 1979, in Stockholm, Sweden and is 34 years old. After getting his hands on his dad's PC, a commodore 128 (shown below). Of course, he started programming games at the age of 7. Markus released his first game at the age of 8, a text adventure.

Game Programming

As I said before, Markus released "A Text Adventure". After years of practice, in 2005 he got a job at as a game developer. Then Markus started entering many game programming contests, his favorite, the Java 4k game programming contest. Here are some of his games entered in the contest:


Left 4k Dead,





Sonic Racer 4k,




Markus got the idea of Minecraft while playing "Infiniminer" with his friends. Infiniminer is a multiplayer game based on mining. Unlike Minecraft, Infiniminer is only based on mining and having fun with friends. He wanted to have a sandbox game like Infiniminer, he wanted a game where almost anything was possible. He decided on the name Minecraft and released it in November 2011. Minecraft was a hit! He made 150 million dollars off of it, and so far, about 15,000,000 people have bought Minecraft PC.


​Markus now has his own company called Mojang®. The amount of money made of of minecraft attracted the attention of toy companies like LEGO. Then new lego "Minecraft" was put out in stores. But Markus Persson doesn't just create games, he produces electronic music under the name Markus Alexei (click here for his songs). In the future, I think Markus Persson will release more hit games, like Minecraft.