March 1, 2021

Growing, Learning and Achieving Together

Dear Nighthawk families,

I hope that this newsletter finds all of you well and continuing to stay safe!

Although Kingston’s Public Health Region continues to do well in their efforts to keep everyone healthy, we have experienced some recent changes in our protocols which are a direct response to the changing circumstances in our communities and across the province. We sincerely appreciate the patience and understanding you have demonstrated in supporting our work to keep Newburgh’s students and staff safe. It has been a long road, and despite the fact that we have all felt frustrated at times, we want to thank you for your continued support! Please continue to monitor the media, the LDSB Website and the Newburgh Public School Website for important changes and developments in our current status.

What we did in February!

Newburgh Public School is very proud of the work that our students and teachers put into exploring the issues, stories and people connected to Black History. Each class is spending and has spent time in discussions, welcoming guest speakers, engaging in activities and addressing the themes related to Black History, including racism, discrimination, identity, diversity, representation and equity. We are proud of our focus on social justice and plan to continue to make this a priority all year round! Our Basketball Challenge Teams have been committing a great deal of their spare time to practicing for their matches against schools from across the Limestone District. Every team has enjoyed great success with a number of impressive wins. Congratulations to all of our athletes ande coaches, and good luck with the rest of the competitive season! We have had meetings with the Public Health Department during the final week of February and have benefitted greatly from the feedback. Our students and staff have worked aggressively to tighten up on all our protocols including the appropriate use of face coverings and transitions into and out of the school (entering the school, recesses, lunch and dismissal). Well done to everyone for your determined efforts! Report Cards were distributed to all families on February 17th, and we would like to congratulate everyone for a very successful first term. Keep in mind that this time period represents a perfect opportunity to sit down with your child to discuss their progress and set some goals for the final term of the school year. The following link presents a terrific article about setting goals with your child. Check it out!

6 Parent Tips on Setting Goals with Your Child

What is Happening in March!

We are organizing some special presentations for our students during the Month of March. For our JK-3 students, we are inviting Michael the Magician to perform his Anti-Bullying Virtual Magic Show! Michael presents a funny, fast paced, interactive and entertaining program that will educate on the issue of bullying while amazing students with amazing magic! He tells his story while weaving thrilling magic, participation, comedy and lots of fun into a message that educates and informs children. For our Grade 4-8 students, we are inviting Edward Itliong from the YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness Program to present his Financial Literacy workshop entitled “Betting $ense”. The Betting $ense workshop uses an age-appropriate style, aimed to increase students’ awareness of the risks involved in gambling and the importance of making informed financial decisions. Through a series of activities, students will be invited to explore personal finances, budgeting and money management. Finally, our schools Parent Leadership Group (SAC) will be meeting on April 7th, 2021 at 6:15 p.m.. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings which are being held virtually this year. Please contact the school if you would like an invitation!

As always, the health and safety, along with the wellness and mental health of our school community, is our number one priority as we move forward. Please continue to make your own wellness and the wellness of your family a priority.

Take good care everyone!

John Ricci

Principal, Newburgh Public School


1. Please be sure to send a water bottle to school with your child on a daily basis. We have a very limited supply of bottles that we can loan out if necessary.

2. Please be sure that you continue to use the School Messenger App to record your child's absences. We have a very strict absence protocol to follow this year and it is important that everyone use the systems provided! Please see the "How To" information provided at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter!

3. Please be sure to record your child's absence even when buses are cancelled. There is a "Bus Cancellation" option in the "Type of Absence" List.

4. If you are driving your children to school, please ensure that they are here before the bell at 9:00 a.m. Many teachers give important instructions and/or engage in the first activities of the day as close to 9:00 a.m. as possible and if your child is late, it makes for a disruptive start to the day! Thank you for your support!

Around the School!

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Bottle Drive Fundraiser

We will be holding a Bottle Drive Fundraiser on April 10, 2021 from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. at the Hilltop Fast Freddies. Save your empties and thank you for your support!

Face Coverings in School

One of the most important mitigating strategies for COVID 19 is the appropriate use of a face mask. Please take some time to reveiw the following guidlines with your child(ren)!

Thank you for your support!

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March 2021 Offers 31 Free Activities during the Kingston Gets Active Month Challenge

Get ready for the Kingston Gets Active Month Challenge! Kingston Gets Active Month is being offered as a challenge during the month of March, just in time to help you beat the winter and COVID blues. Kingston Gets Active Month is traditionally a time to try a new activity or just get out and have some fun getting active. This year all activities can be done outdoors or virtually at home. Everything is Free and there’s something for all ages.

To participate, download or check out the calendar of activities during the month of March. Challenge yourself, your family and your friends to get active each day. Then enter for a chance to win prizes!

Kingston Gets active is partnering with St Lawrence College Therapeutic Recreation students, who will be providing live virtual classes for all ages—from “Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Body Break” for little ones, to “Stretch to Destress at Work”, “Family Scavenger Hunt”, “Jukebox Classics Zumba” for older adults, and more. Other live virtual classes from local providers include cheerleading, yoga, and DancePl3y. We also have links from local provides to their virtual fitness programming as well as some fun things to do at home & outdoors—like water bottle bowling. All the details are in the Kingston Gets Active Calendar, which can be found on the Kingston Gets Active website.

Being physically active brings many benefits, including maintaining a healthy body weight, building a healthy heart, strengthening muscles and bones, improving self-esteem and mental health. “The Covid19 pandemic has made it difficult for all of us to find ways to be active,” said Kristin Côté, Coordinator of Kingston Gets Active. “We hope that all Kingston residents will take advantage of the many free activities being offered during the month and stay active, get healthy, and have some fun.”

Thank you to participating local organizations

Thank you to participating sport and recreation providers who are offering live and virtual activities for all to try: St Lawrence College Therapeutic Recreation, DancePl3y, Kingston Community Health Centres & EarlyON, Kingston Elite Cheerleading, Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Kingston Striders Speed Skating Club, Queen’s Athletics & Recreation Centre, YMCA of Eastern Ontario, Kingston Tennis Club, and Virgo Moon Wellness.

Kingston Gets Active is a community partnership that works together to create a more active and healthy community.

For more information, check the Kingston Gets Active Month webpage, and download the Kingston Gets Active Month Challenge Calendar.

For more information, contact:

Kristin Côté, Coordinator, Kingston Gets Active


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Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Available in Limestone Schools

Newburgh PS will offer free menstrual hygiene products to students to remove barriers and ensure equitable access for all.

Access to menstrual products can be a barrier for many students. Studies show that one in seven young women and non-binary people in Canada will miss some school because they don't have access to pads and tampons, largely because they cannot bear the financial burden of purchasing their own. Other times, students forget to plan ahead or find themselves in an emergency situation.

All female washrooms and gender-neutral washrooms in Newburgh PS now have menstrual hygiene products in easily accessible locations for students. The products are free to students. Students may take items for use at school, or at home, as needed.

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Check Out L&A's Virtual Youth Hub Activities!

Courses For Kids!

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Messages from Director of Education - Krishna Burra

Family Reference Guide - Updated September 22nd, 2020

Daily COVID 19 Screening

COVID 19 School Protocols (Updated February 18, 2021)

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Questions from parents? Please go to the COVID-19 webpage (at the link below) or call the KFL&A Public Health COVID-19 Call Centre at 613-549-1232 or 1-800-267-7875 and follow the prompts or text 343-477-1971. The COVID-19 Call Centre is open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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School Advisory Council (SAC)

The next SAC meeting is on April 7 at 6:15 p.m. We meet virtually on Microsoft Teams and everyone is welcome to attend. Please contact the school for an invitation!

Connecting Families Research Opportunity

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Safe Arrival

Please ensure that you are using our Safe Arrival System to report your child's absences. Use the button below to find our more information about our Safe Arrival System.
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Tri-Board Student Transportation has indicated there will likely be more bus delays and cancellations this year due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Transportation to and from school is not guaranteed. Families should have a backup plan to transport their student(s) to school, and to arrange child care where required, if their bus is cancelled for any reason and they cannot transport their student to school. For more information about how to subscribe for e-mail notifications from Tri-Board regarding delays and cancellations, please download the instructions found at the link below.

Up to Date Information

Please check regulary as new or altered information becomes available:

LDSB Website https://www.limestone.on.ca/

LDSB Twitter https://twitter.com/LimestoneDSB

LDSB Facebook https://tinyurl.com/wbhjtku

LDSB Instagram https://instagram.com/limestonedsb?igshid=1epyma6c0g5qd