Could You Survive in the Wild?

If you Were Stranded Could You Live?

10 Tips On Surviving The Wilderness

  1. Always find a source of water. You NEED WATER to survive.
  2. Stay calm and do not panic.
  3. Make a fire. Fire can do a lot like warding off animals.
  4. Make shelter. You need shelter to stay dry.
  5. Review everything you have. In the wilderness you may have to use anything.
  6. Make signal fire. A signal fire can help rescuers find you.
  7. Identify nearby plants. Some plants aren't poisonous so you can eat them.
  8. Treat injuries.Its better to treat injuries immediately to avoid further problems later.
  9. Know your surroundings.If you know major landmarks you can use that in case of emergency.
  10. Stay positive. A positive attitude can be good for the sole.