Mr. Hammond's Newsletter

March 2016

Monthly Information

The end of third quarter is quickly approaching! The grading period ends on March 18th and report cards will be mailed out the following Thursday (March 24th). I highly encourage you to remind your children to check their grades and make up any missing assignments. No work, late or on time, will be accepted after the school day ends on the 18th.

Spring Break starts on Good Friday (March 25th) and school resumes on April 4th.

The beginning of March will be more academically heavy than the last part before Spring Break. There will be a quiz on Friday the 4th and an exam on the 16th. Also, we will be having a movie day on the 24th that will serve as a lead way into our final project in the 4th quarter.

On March 15th 44 B.C., Gaius Julius Caesar is stabbed to death in the Roman Senate house!!! Who conspired against the emperor of Rome and how did they pull it off? Click the title above to read more on
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