Classical Music Performance 2013

The free to enter YouTube classical music video competition where the audience is jury

If you have ever felt undervalued or un-noticed as a classical music performer, The Audience Prize is for you.

Just tweet your classical music performance YouTube video, adding #theaudienceprize at the end of your tweet. Done! You are, subject to our approval, entered in the Classical Music Performance Audience Prize Competition 2013.

Let the best judge of talent - the audience - decide!

Entries close 31 August 2013. Voting starts 1 September 2013 and ends 30 November 2013. The winner and results will be announced on 1 December 2013.

The winner will be offered a recording contract by VSB Records.


The Audience Prize

The Classical Music Performance Audience Prize 2013

where the audience is the jury

sponsored by VSB Records