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High school writing centers are designed as a way to help students with all types of writing in a low-risk, non-graded environment. Though the demographic within a writing center can vary, the ultimate goal is that students who use a writing center will become better writers through one-on-one, guided instruction, based off of reactive teaching. In this class, you will learn how to tutor students in writing by reflecting and developing your own writing strategies.

What will you do?

As a consultant, you will be working with students on their writing one-on-one. Along with this, consultants will work on various projects, presentations, conferences, and workshops that will deal with their own writing and assisting others. Consultants walk away with experience and skills that can earn them positions in college and university writing centers. In the past year, our MHS Writing Center consultants have made history in the field of writing centers by being the only high school center to present at regional conferences; these types of activities and skills cannot be found in the traditional high school classroom and will provide unique opportunities for your future.

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Please contact Mrs. Boswell if you are interested in joining the class next fall, and alert your counselor during scheduling. There are several options for scheduling, so even students with tight schedules can make this class work.

We are Mattawan Writing Center.

The MHS Writing Center is composed of students from all backgrounds and varying interests. To be a consultant, writing skills are important, but not as important as a desire to learn and work with others. Students are expected to be leaders; these are individuals who can handle the responsibility of confidentiality, strong work ethic, and peer to peer communication that is vital to writing center work. Your skills as a communicator and/or writer have earned you crucial recognition; be proud of your accomplishments.

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