interest- something a person enjoys doing or thinking about

  1. Netflix
  2. photography
  3. clothes/fashion
  4. children
  5. being with friends

skills- the ability to preform a certain activity well

  1. art
  2. honesty
  3. creative
  4. kind
  5. writing

some careers for my skills

values- what you believe to be important


  1. frugality
  2. religion
  3. friendship
  4. honesty
  5. health
work values

  1. stability
  2. honesty
  3. helpful
  4. friendships
  5. travel

personality- the combination of attitude, values, interests, and behaviors that identify a person

my personality is social and artistic

Being social is being friendly, enthusiastic, outgoing, enjoys being around other people, understanding, insightful, and helpful. Being artistic is being creative, expressive, original, intuitive, individualistic, imaginative, and introspective.

For a social and artistic personality I could be an art teacher, a regular teacher, or an artist of some type (photographer, dancer, painter).

my top learning style is auditory

being auditory means that I learn best when I hear it

careers tied to an auditory learning style are

  1. teacher
  2. therapist
  3. journalist

brain orientation- the way one uses the 2 hemispheres of the brain

my orientation is both

for my left hemisphere some careers are

  1. scientists
  2. lawyers
  3. accountants

for my right hemisphere some careers are

  1. elementary teachers
  2. salesperson
  3. chef

some activities I've been in are

  1. cheerleading
  2. Girl Scouts
  3. national junior honor society
  4. hofnod