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GaVS Spring Break: April 7th - April 11th

Please let students know if their the local school break does not coincide with the GaVS break, they must still meet the assignment due dates. They should communicate school breaks with instructors as soon as possible to discuss how to get ahead.

Teacher Quality presents March Professional Development

"ePortfolio" with Mary Ellen Krueck

Thursday, March 27th, at 7:30 p.m. Edmodo: y3juf8

Adobe Connect: Adobe March PD on ePortfolio

Data Analysis

The Data Analysis component of ePortfolio is here, and, as noted in the observation tool, the Data Analysis section focuses on "Analytics Report on tool usage or teacher's choice."

As a reminder, teacher's choice may include User Progress, Discussion stats, and Quiz reports.

Check out the ePortfolio Protocol here. And, for additional Data Analysis help, take a moment to listen to the JIT training for this week with Joe Cozart JIT Recording or The Mentee Minute: Data Analysis.

Please direct any questions to Rich Copeland or Jane O'Brien.

Summer PLS Hotel Information Coming Soon!

Symbaloo – Setting Up An Account and Making Resource Suggestions

If you have not set up a Symbaloo account under the Georgia Virtual Learning branded solution, please follow the directions below.

Go to gavirtuallearning.symbaloo.com.

Create an account with the Georgia Virtual School email address (@gavirtualschool.org).

Only teachers and staff should create an account.

This will allow your account to automatically appear under the Georgia Virtual School branded solution and you will receive any updates to schoolwide webmixes when they are added.

You should immediately see two webmix tabs (Teacher Resources and Student Resources) after creating an account. As these webmixes are updated, they will be automatically shared with you.

You can also make suggestions for the Teacher Resources, Student Resources, and department-specific webmixes through the form through this link.


If you have any questions regarding Symbaloo, please email kelli.robinson@gavirtualschool.org.

Shmoop Resource

Big image
Learning Guides @ Shmoop
  • Terms-handy explanations of lingo
  • Roots-Word roots of common terms, includes language of origin
  • Big Themes-explanation of big ideas, including links to other subject big ideas
  • In the Real World-how topic is connected to big issues in society and the world
  • Study Questions & Quizzes
  • Best of Web-collection of excellent web resources


  • Nikki Walker is out on maternity leave until April 7th. Congratulations on her new baby girl! Meridith Jorgensen will be the be the support contact person covering districts and student emergencies in her area.

  • If you have a distressed student situation please contact Amanda Williamson and Meridith Jorgensen at mjorgensen@doe.k12.ga.us

Opportunities at GAVS

If you have referred instructors to our program or are aware of teachers who have filled out applications in EdZapp, please share the information in the following google doc with them so they can fill out new applications. Information is not able to be transferred from EdZapp to Teachers-Teachers.com. https://docs.google.com/a/gavirtualschool.org/document/d/1NsYO0xD69fY5ycdmoV11Ywzyhz7ypu4AruFHb4hNNic/edit

Have a Wonderful Week!