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So the other day I was at the doctors getting my wart removed and I had a really nice conversation with an old gentleman on his travels around the world. He was part of the Navy and had just retired and had come to the doctors accompanying his granddaughter who was getting her warts removed. He was very deep and intellectual, maybe something that is expected for a man who has spent so much time in his life in the seas. I asked him if he missed the life at the sea, and he replied saying he had seen enough for a lifetime and all the adventures remained for him food for thought. He went onto describe his many tales in the sea, of instances where Somalian pirates attacked the ship and of other times when he was taken a hostage. He told me that it was surprise that he had lived on even after those events. Every time he missed some interesting detail, his granddaughter would quip in adding the forgotten detail. It seemed like she was aware of all the facts that formed her grandfather’s many stories. This incidence reminded me of a neighbor that I had, the neighbor I am talking about was a doctor, and she had many stories as well. For example, the time when my neighbor had to attend to both captain and the co-pilot on a flight when they were both taken sick. For know about warts please click here. But when my neighbor recited her stories there was always an air of pomp surrounding the stories. As this gentleman was talking, there was no show or exaggeration, but you could sense gravity in his words that made you want to listen more. At first when I introduced myself, he responded very graciously but it was his granddaughter that asked him to tell me his stories. best over the counter wart remover for skin. But then he when he opened up and started speaking, there is a gleam in his eyes and a sense of mischief when he explains the life at the sea. I have to say he has passed on the sense of mischief to his granddaughter as well. They seem to be lost in their little world, and at times draws another person like me into it as well. Though they are capable of talking about completely normal things like how they stole a pack of freshly baked pies from the great aunt and other stories like that.

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