Patrick Marsh Middle School Band

Aug 30-Sept 3, 2021

Off To A Good Start

We had a good first week of classes. Your kids did a great job handling the warm temperatures while we held class outside this week. It sounds like we will have another big tent set up on the back parking lot early this week. As you have heard, we will continue to hold band outdoors until the next PHMDC Public Health Order is released in September. Our hope is that we will be allowed to use mitigation and conduct class inside. Until then make sure your kids are dressed for the weather as we will go out as much as possible.

6th Grade Team Building This Week Is Cancelled

With the current restrictions in place we will not be able to hold our annual 6th grade team building events as scheduled in our band calendar for this Tuesday and Wednesday. We will plan to incorporate these activities into our band classes.

When Will Band Lessons Begin?

Band Lessons are dedicated times to work with your children on specific instrumental skills and techniques. Every child will receive one 12-13 minute lesson each week (lessons are alone or in small groups). Lessons are vital as they offer an opportunity to not only teach the distinct skills of each instrument to a diverse group of learners but to also assess growth. Lessons will remain at a consistent time and day each week so students can anticipate when to come down.

Our goal is to begin lessons this coming Friday. We will share the schedule with you and the students once it is completed.

The Sound Of Sun Prairie - First Performance A Hit!

The Sound Of Sun Prairie performed at the SPHS Varsity Football Game this past Thursday night! This group consists of students in grades 8-12. We hope your students will consider joining this ensemble once they enter 8th grade!
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Previous Information

Masking Order Update

We wanted to reach out to you with new updates that impact our Sun Prairie band students based on the new public health order 17 requiring masks indoors from Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC). Public health order 17 says that “every individual, age two (2) and older, shall wear a face covering when in any enclosed space open to the public.” While there are exemptions for activities like eating and drinking, public health order 17 has not provided an exemption for playing wind instruments indoors such as the previous public health order 16 which included an exemption for wind playing using bell covers.

Until this order was released, we were prepared to conduct band safely indoors following mitigation guidelines highlighted by a study of aerosols at the University of Colorado. These measures included the use of slitted masks and fabric covers on the bell of the instrument. The Sun Prairie Area School District believes strongly in this comprehensive research study on responsible and appropriate mitigation strategies for band classes to take place safely indoors. We are hopeful that Public Health Madison & Dane County will restore an exemption to play instruments indoors. However, we do not know what kind of timeline will be needed. The current public health order will be active for 28 days.

Because of this, we will be welcoming your students into our band classroom starting next week, but we will hold band class and lessons outside when playing. Playing as a band will be our highest priority. The Sun Prairie Band Department is recognized for its energy and dedication to students and music and all of that energy and dedication will be poured into making band fantastic this fall.

How Can I Find More Information?

Here is a link to our Band Website ( this is a great place to look if you ever have questions. We try to keep it updated with everything you would need.

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