Town of Sunnyvale - Feb. 18, 2021


At this time, there is no threat to the Town's water quality and the water is safe to drink. Many have asked if the Town is under a boil water notice, and the answer is NO.

We have only been asked to conserve water.

As we receive updates from North Texas Municipal Water District (our water supplier), they will be distributed appropriately.

If a boil water notice must be sent, it will be sent through many channels of communication, including the emergency notification system. Please make sure you are registered to receive these notifications. You can register at

Oncor Emergency Update

On Feb. 17, ERCOT directed Oncor and other utilities to begin restoring power previously dropped from the electric grid. As a result of the increased generation and stable demand, Oncor has since been able to cease controlled, or rotating, outages.

As of 5:30 a.m. Feb. 18, there are approximately 150,000 remaining Oncor customers without power. This is a result of damage from yesterday’s winter storm, previous winter weather and storm damage that could not be identified until equipment was re-energized, and damage to electric equipment caused by record-breaking low temperatures.

Our personnel will continue working 24/7 to restore power to these remaining customers. We recognize the hardships that this power emergency has caused for our customers and communities. We appreciate their patience as we awaited the return of electric generation and protected the Texas electric grid.

Due to the large amounts of system activity surrounding power restoration, we expect it will take some time for our tracking systems to accurately reflect these updates in our outage map. In addition, we will continue to follow the direction of ERCOT should electric generation change and immediately take steps to inform our customers of any updates.

Town facilities

Town Hall will open with limited services available on Thursday, Feb. 18. The opening will be delayed to ensure staff members' safety.

Police, Fire, Public Works, and the Parks Departments are not affected by the delayed opening.

Medical/Fire Emergencies - 911

Water Emergencies - (972) 251-0567


If you have to get out on the road, please be extremely careful and drive slowly. The roads are still slick, and as the snow begins to melt from traffic it is likely that it will turn to ice if temperatures stay below freezing. Temps are forecasted to drop to 18 again tonight, so be very cautious tomorrow morning.

Crews will be out sanding roads and intersections. Please use caution if they are in the area so that they may continue their operations. This is the recommended best practice versus plowing the roads.

Freezing pipes and water leaks

If you are experiencing an issue with your water, it is likely that your pipes have frozen. Please keep an eye out for leaks as the temperature begins to warm up.

If your water is actively leaking, please call the Public Works emergency number as soon as possible. The Town's Public Works department is fully staffed and they are available to turn your water off to prevent any further damage the leak may cause.

Many homes have a master valve in the garage or in the front yard. Please try to identify this valve before there is an emergency so that you are prepared to turn it off yourself.

Public Works - Emergency

(972) 251-0567

Republic trash services

Recycling pick up is cancelled for today. The normal Friday collection is planned for tomorrow. They will catch up recycling next week.
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