Pathways Training: Growing Readers

July 30, 31 & Aug 30, 31

What did you learn?

A lot! When the training began I considered myself to be an effective phonics and phonemic awareness educator. However, as the training progressed I realized I had a lot of room to grow! The importance of the ABC chart and pointing and singing to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb multiple times a day not only reinforces one to one correspondence but also creates a sense of comfort with a resource that students can use not only during reading but also writing. My biggest take aways came from the training days that we focused on small group instruction. I feel that I am going to be able to better individualize instruction based on my students ability level and push all students as readers and writers with the higher quality of phonics and phonemic awareness instruction. I am confident that once I begin small group in a few weeks that the majority of my class will be reading above our grade level expectation for December!