South Carolina

The Palmetto State

Just have fun!

South Carolina includes Broadway at The Beach, which is a popular tourist attractions. When there you can go see a concert, go in a mirror maze, mess around with games in an arcade, fly in a helicopter,etc. It has a 4.5 rating which means that its probably a really fun and nice place for people of all ages to go to.

Then there's Patriots Point. It's a place where visitors can explore a retired Naval aircraft carrier,destroyer, and a submarine. It was used to fight the Vietnamese aircraft's in the war that took the lives of many Americans and Vietnamese people. 400,000 people visited it each year. It has a 4.6 rating because it basically is a place to see how our freedom came to be.

People in South Carolina also like meat. I hope you like meat because there's a lot of it down there. 1/2 of their economy is made up of money from their livestock. It feeds many people because they have so much of it. They don't only eat meat though. Nobody has an all-meat diet. That would just be insane. Come down and grill at South Carolina!

South Carolina is the best place for grilling and fun!