Louis Sachar

You are entering Camp Green Lake!

There is a boy named Stanley Yelnats that went to  Camp Green Lake and there is no lake there.Camp Green Lake is where bad kids go for they could learn a lesson and that is for they could know to not be bad any more.Stanley went there for he could learn a lesson.Stanley got some new pair of shoes and he left his old one there.Camp Green Lake is like a dessert and that how the boys could dig holes and then when they are all done diging the holes there is going to be alot of holes.Stanley enter to a Wreck Room he could hear x-ray voice.

Alll About Camp Greeen Lake!

Camp green lake it was largest lake in Texas in one hundred years old.Camp Green Lake is where Stanle and x-ray  and arpit and zero and  zigzag go.All of Stanley friends went there because they were bad in there own house.In the camp there is a guy named Mr. Pendanski that is with the boys but not some times and even a lady named  miss katherine and even Kate Barlow and there was even a warden.