Miss Shelby Lou's Art Boutique

Putting the Color Inside your World!

What do we have to offer?

Welcome Second Grade class!! Here at Miss Shelby Lou's Art Boutique, we have all the latest and most popular art supplies that anyone could ever want. We have everything from pencils, to paint and paper!! Keep on scrolling to see even more!

What you need to know about our store!

Here at Miss Shelby Lou's, we take all different types of Money. In fact we take every American coin and American bill that America has to offer!! Here is a rundown just in case you have forgotten:

1 Penny = 1 Cent

1 Nickel = 5 Cents

1 Dime = 10 Cents

1 Quarter = 25 Cents

I dollar bill = 100 Cents

5 dollar bill = 5 one Dollar Bills

10 Dollar bill = Two 5 Dollar Bills = Ten 1 Dollar Bills

20 Dollar Bill = Two 10 Dollar Bills = Four 5 Dollar Bills and Twenty 1 Dollar Bills

50 Dollar Bill = Five 10 Dollar Bills= Ten Five Dollar Bills and Fifty 1 Dollar Bills

100 Dollar Bill = Five 20 Dollar Bills = Ten 10 Dollar bills, Twenty 5 Dollar Bills and 100 One dollar Bil

Our Murchandice

What can Miss Rebekah May buy?

Miss Shelby Lou's Sister Miss Bekah May needs HELP!

Miss Rebekah May has a bran new crisp 100 dollar bill that she got from her great Aunt Bertha on her birthday. Miss Rebekah May has decided that she wants to invest in some new art supplies. She already has plenty of paper and is looking to get something different. Can you help her find a combination of art supplies she can buy without causing her to go over her $100 budget?

Budget? What is a Budget?

A budget is an estimate on how much money you can spend. For example, Miss Rebekah May has a budget of $100 Dollars to spend at Miss Shelby Lou's Art Boutique.