The Fault In Our Stars⭐️🌠🌌

John Green

Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace, who is your 16 year old teenager except for the little fact that she has  got all sorts of cancer inside her body and her lungs are not working very well. Because of her cancer, she uses a portable oxygen tank to breathe properly.Hazel is in Support Group that her mom wants her to try out and when she walks in she and this boy bump into each other and when the boy catches her eye, Well, they both catch each others eyes. Soon enough, she and Augustust are flirtatious friends and talk to each other about everything.Hazel also introduces herself and says that she is 16 with thyroid cancer and mets in her lungs.Augustus does not call for a week and Hazel tries not to wait around too pathetically by the phone.On Sunday night, he finally calls and she goes outside to talk to him. They chat about An Imperial Affliction and how they both love it.He also spills the beans: he managed to somehow contact Peter Van Houten via email Augustus gives Hazel the email address and she spends the next two hours crafting an email to Van Houten begging him to answer her questions about the books end. The next morning she has an email from Van Houten and she called her mom up to look at it.There is a problem though: Her parents and her team of doctors don’t think Hazel is strong enough to travel.But then one day her mom goes into Hazels room and tells her that they are leaving right now for Hamsterdam and Hazel is so exited and texts Augustus and tells him that if he is ready to go. So when they leave and get to the airport Augustus has never road a plane before and he is breathing hard and Hazel is laughing at him.Then when they get to the hotel they go one a date and Van Houten paid for it.When they meet Peter Van Houten, it does not exactly go as planned. First of all, he is a mean drunk. Second of all... well actually, no, thats totally it. He is just just a mean drunk and he does not answer any of Hazels questions. Hazel is angry and upset, but Van Houtens assistant Lidewij takes her and Augustus out to explore Amsterdam.They see Anne Frankshouse, where things are kind of redeemed because she and Augustus finally kiss.

Big news

Augustus then drops a bomb: his cancer has returned. This is very, very bad. When they return to Indianapolis, it is clear that Augustust health is deteriorating and he might not have much time left. In a heartbreaking scene, Hazel and Isaac even share the eulogies that they wrote for him. Throughout it all, Hazel is there with Augustus, until the very end. The next day hazels parents come into her room and tell her that something bad happend and  they tell her that his parents called and told them that he just died ans Hazel just starts crying becaus she loves him so much and she just lost him. So when she goes to his funeral she sees Peter, Van Houten there and when its over he gives Hazel a note that Augustus wrote and reads it and thats the end.
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Setting was when she was with Augustus and in Amsterdam....Characters:: (Hazel) (Augustus) and (Isaac) and (Mrs. lancaster).... I would love to be friends with HazelGrace and Augustus Waters because there cool.....I loved this story because it was sad and made me cry and its a true story because cancer can happen to anyone.