Help Wanted

Wanted: Man or Woman for Top Government Positions

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- You must be 35 years or older

- You must be Native- born American Citizen

- You must have lived in the U.S for at least 14 years


- This is one of the most powerful positions

- you will serve a term of 4 years

- in total you can serve for 8 years (2 terms), if you get reelected

- In order to win the election you must win 270 electoral votes

Duties of the position

Chief Executive

- You will be in charge of charge of 15 cabinet departments

- You can pass executive orders- rule or command that has the force of the law, but is not approved by congress

Chief Diplomat

- You will direct the foreign policy

- You can pass executive agreements- agreements with foreign leaders that are not approved by congress

Commander In Chief

- You will be in Charge of the army, navy, air force, Marines, and Coast guard

- Only you can order American soldiers into battle

Duties of the Position Continue

Legislative Leader

- you have the power pass rules (bills) or you can veto/ kill it

- you will have the legislative program

- the legislative agenda is given to congress during the Annual State of Union address where you will share with everyone your plans

Head of State

- it is the ceremonial role

- you will represent America at special occasions and ceremonies

- you will act as the living symbol of the United States

Economic Leader

- you will deal with several economic issues such as unemployment rate, inflation, high taxes, etc

- you will plan federal government budget every year

Party Leader

- you are viewed as the political leader of the party you represent

- you will select party's national chair person

The Benefits and Compensation


- you will receive $400,000 annually


- You get a fleet of special cars, helicopters, and planes

- you get to use Camp Bavia

Do You Have What It Takes???!!!!!

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