Ohlone Family Connection

December 18, 2020

Happy Winter Break!

This time of challenge and being apart has illustrated the strength of the Ohlone community. Talk about leading by example! Our core values and Goals of an Ohlone Education stand tall in the face of adversity. Take a look, talk to your kids, and see how we're doing :).

The support our staff feels from our parent community is overwhelming. The appreciation our staff has for our parent partnership is inspiring. The examples of empathy, humanity, and humility in our community are comforting. I am grateful for each and every student, parent, guardian, and staff member that is a part of our beautiful school.

The ornament pictured was made by me, K/1 Dawn. My mother has held onto it all of these years and now little chickie sits on my tree each year. It reminds me of a simpler time. One of my favorite times of the winter season is going through our boxes of ornaments as we relive memories and drink hot cocoa or spiked egg nog, just me and the husband, of course :).

I would love to have pictures of what your family is doing together over the winter break. Remember when we used to share pictures? Please send me your photos and I will include them in the next OFC!

Thank you for taking care of the health of our community by staying put and avoiding nonessential travel. Our hybrid staff and families are appreciative of the sacrifices we are all making this winter break. If travel is essential and unavoidable, please note that there have been updates to the quarantine requirements which are included below.

I wish you all a restful break!


Ohlone Principal

Important Dates Ahead

December 21 - January 6 - Winter Break

1/7 - Students return to school

1/8 - PTA General Meeting - 2:45-3:45pm

1/12 - Schoolwide Pajama Day - Cohort A

1/12 - Site Council (3pm) & Ohlone Times (3:45pm)

1/13 - Kinder Info Night - 7:00-8:00pm

1/14 - Pajama Day - Cohort B & FDL

1/18 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Keeping our Community Safe

County Public Health Department Quarantine Update


Quarantine guidance has changed as of December 14, 2020. Under the Mandatory Directive on Travel, almost everyone who travels into Santa Clara County (directly or through another stopover point) from more than 150 miles away must quarantine for 10 days. Please go to sccstayhome.org for quarantine instructions.

Close Contacts

Close contacts without symptoms may end quarantine after Day 10 from last exposure but should continue monitoring for symptoms for a full 14 days.

If you are a close contact to someone confirmed to have COVID-19:

  • You should get tested on Day 6 or later from last exposure if you do not have symptoms (and immediately if you do have symptoms).
  • If testing is done earlier than 6 days after the last exposure to the COVID positive person, you should get tested again towards the end of the 10-day quarantine period.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Report Cases

I thank you for your continued commitment to the safety of our school and local communities by observing current stay-at-home orders. If you must travel 150 miles or more outside of the area, you will be required to quarantine for 10 days after the day you return from your trip.

If you have a child in the hybrid program and the quarantine will affect attendance when we return to school on January 7, 2021, be sure to notify our school office by emailing ohloneattendance@pausd.org and your child's teacher. Please provide the dates and location of your travel.

Regional Stay at Home Order

COVID-19 Notification - NEW

My hope is that you will remain healthy over the break and always. If your child tests positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please notify me immediately by completing the Google form below. You can also email me, though the Google form is preferred. Please be sure to type in COVID-19 Notification into the subject line. Time is of the essence for my communication with other families and staff.


I appreciate your continued partnership and diligence in keeping our community safe through immediate communication, testing, and safe practices outside of school. I have included the scenario handouts for your easy reference.

Ohlone Poetry Project - 12/19

Join us for the next Ohlone Poetry Project workshop and Open Mic on Saturday, December 19th at 3:00pm. The theme is “What I Love About Winter?”More info here. Zoom Link

Tell your kids! Thank you, Jay and PTA!

Mental Health Principal's Tea

We had a lovely, small and intimate group for our Principal's Tea Wednesday evening with our CASSY therapist, Brittney Tabel. We discussed emotional regulation, transition rituals, and creating emotional roadmaps for difficult days. Brittney has made her slideshow available for those parents who were not able to attend. Please click on the link below:

Maintaining Mental Health Amidst Change

Click link below for a previous CASSY Webinar (available through winter break):

Parenting and Supporting Youth During COVID-19

Reading Together

For some children, especially our youngest readers, reading can be isolating. You may find that your child is more interested in reading to someone or something. That's FANTASTIC! So, listen to your child read, encourage your child to read on the phone or via Zoom to a family member far away. Your child can read to the family pet, stuffed animal, or the latest Lego creation. Being in the company of others, even if it's a toy, can be comforting. Reading in the company of others is a YES PLEASE!

Social & Emotional Learning

During distance or hybrid learning, our children can be feeling a lot of different emotions. The Social and Emotional Learning module on the Supporting Learning at Home website includes short videos on the importance of social emotional well being of our children and provides resources both to parents and children. Resources include choice boards for children addressing different components of social emotional learning and support services provided within PAUSD and the community.

Registration for 2021-22

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year opens on January 4, 2021. Families with children who are not currently enrolled with PAUSD, and want to enroll a child to attend a PAUSD school starting in August 2021, must follow all the instructions at the PAUSD Enrollment web site starting on January 4: www.pausd.org/Enrollment. If you have any questions about if you should enroll your child, please send an email to RegistrationServices@pausd.org.

2020-21 PAUSD Wednesday Cohort Schedule

Cohort A is Pink; Cohort B is Blue