The Global Artist

"Art !" "It's a World Thing"

Take a Look at the Art Highlights

Students in Art began the year off with an "I am" statement defining their personal testimonies within the International Magnet Focus of this academic year.

"I am Creative" statement here by Charlise 8th Grade Honors.

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Imagine yourself sitting at the railroad tracks.......

Your boring experience could transform you into a boxcar art curator!

You have no doubt noticed all the graphitti spray painted on the boxcars.

What is very interesting is to notice the differences of regional works produced in different cities across the USA. Get on board and take some shots with your phone cameras and start being a train spotter. Students at our International Magnet are providing their versions of "I am" graphitti for you to spot. We're riding the train to Excellence here in the Art Room and we promise you’re going to spot us in all major cities across the USA extending far into our globe.

Nyzaire 7th

Students like Nyzaire ask the most obvious questions we all think about; "Why is all that graphitti allowed to stay on the boxcars?" Click the link above to get an in depth explanation from Law Enforcement Officials.

We could say that art is a driving force in all of us that will be expressed and like a train is almost impossible to stop.

"I am International Art Magnet"

Alan a former student now at IHS is the featured train artist in this picture

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