Costa Rica

Pura Vida

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"Dia De Los Diablitos"

  • It takes place in Boruca and Rey Curre, two villages that are home to the Brunka tribe
  • Boruca celebrates this three day festival at the end of December or either the beginning of January
  • In Rey Curre, their festival is held during the first week of February

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Virgen De Los Angeles

  • Takes place on August 2 in the city of Cartago
  • The people travel in a variety of ways, from walking barefoot to riding on a horse
  • Celebrated to honor their patron saint "La Negrita"
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  • One of the largest and most important Christmas tree is located in front of the Children's Ntional Hospital in San Jose.
  • It's lights are said to represent hope for the upcoming year
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"La Yeguita"

  • A traditional and semi-religious dance
  • Every year on the 11th and 12th day of December, a dancer dresses as a horse early in the morning in Honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
la yeguita

Interesting Facts

  • Women do no take their husband's last name, instead they use their full maiden name for life. The children take their father's last name that is followed by the mother's maiden name.
  • Nearly all of the catholic churches fast west in Costa Rica.
  • They have ice cream flavors such as goat cheese and sour cream.
  • Usually have no street names or addresses
  • Every Costa Rican radio station play the national anthem at 7am.