Who let the dogs out.

Marcus Grant

Where it all went down.

Monday, Jan. 12th 2009 at 4:30pm

Jim Sossoman Rd

Midland, NC

The family and lil homie Belle

Chillin and havin fun in the snow

My brother Tray, and two sisters, Tina and Alexis decided to go outside in the snow and play. We mostly did this because we wanted to play with Belle our beloved dog Belle. We then just played with her and had snowball fights. We were having a fun time, but it didn’t last for long

A lesson to know

Usually when a person runs when Belle is looking, she bites and then and the tugs on your sleeve or hand.

We prevent this by having the toy in her mouth while we ran around her. That way she won’t bite us. She’ll just keep chewing on the toy.

Its about to go down

Well my sister Tina ran while Belle was just lying on the ground with no toy in her mouth. So Belle then jumped up and ran at my sister with her mouth viciously looking to bite somebody. Tina saw Belle running at her in the last seconds before Bell bit down on the arm of her sleeve and started tugging.

The meeting

Finally my dad came out with his pistol and shot it in the air.Belle then ran away into her doghouse, and we went back inside. We then had a meeting to see if she goes. We all voted. Everyone said yes she goes except me. I got real mad because I was the only one who wanted to keep her. Dad then said “she has to go”. I ran out the living room and into my room. I just lay on my bed mad, but not for long because I soon fell asleep.

Bye Belle

I woke up to Bell running in the house to out the doors. I ran to the living room window to see belle being put in the back of a car. I then ran outside to the car door window, to say my goodbyes. When the car leaving the house, belle stuck her head out the window and looked backed at me. In that very moment I felt so depressing.

How I overcame it

The Next two weeks I felt so alone and helpless. I couldn’t believe she was gone. I didn’t know how I could come over this. Finally I realized to myself she was gone from my life but not my heart. I then felt good again and free spirited again. I overcame something I thought I couldn’t.