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March 24, 2023

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New Additions to WFS!

We love our new banners hung proudly in our gym and cafeteria! These beautiful designs remind us to Be The Three: READY, KIND & SAFE!

Thank you to the WFS PBS Team for this fantastic idea and for the purchase of SIX banners. Special thanks to WFS parent & PTO Executive Board Member, Stacey Gill, for the beautiful design.

Your Stuff Misses You Too!

Is your child still looking for that lost sweatshirt, water bottle, or something else?!?! Remind them to swing by WFS Lost & Found located in our cafeteria.

Special thanks to Maestra Karlsson for organizing all of our missing items AND helping our students find their belongings!

Mark Your Calendar!

SHINE: Supporting Happy Individuals Navigating Education

For parents/guardians of children who are in a special education class, resource room, general education class with supports &/or receiving a related service.

Join us for our next meeting!

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Board of Education Office

Door 7

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Guest Readers!

Enjoy The Wild Robot being read to you by West Freehold School staff members! Click on the link below to listen to select pages.

Pages: 10-20 - February 3rd - Friday

Read by: Ms. Salkin

The Wild Robot Pages 10-20

Pages: 21-29 - February 7th - Tuesday

Read by: Ms. Boon

The Wild Robot Pages 21-29

Pages: 30-39 - February 10th - Friday

Read by: Ms. Frederick

The Wild Robot Pages 30-39

Pages: 40-48 - February 14th - Tuesday

Read by: Ms. Bradus

The Wild Robot Pages 40-48

Pages: 49-58 - February 17th - Friday

Read by: Ms. Charles

The Wild Robot Pages 49-58

Pages: 59-77 - February 21st - Tuesday

Read by: Ms. Caruso

The Wild Robot Pages 59-77

Pages: 78-92 - February 24th - Friday

Read by: Ms. Roohr

The Wild Robot Pages 78-92

Pages: 93-107 - February 28th - Tuesday

Read by: Ms. Sullo

The Wild Robot Pages 93-107

Pages: 108-118 - March 3rd - Friday

Read by: Ms. Nicola

The Wild Robot Pages 108-118

Pages: 119-138 - March 7th - Tuesday

Read by: Ms. Dansberry

The Wild Robot Pages 119-138

Pages: 139-160 - March 10th - Friday

Read By: Ms. Perry

The Wild Robot Pages 139-160

Pages: 161-176 - March 14th - Tuesday

Read By: Ms. Cohen

The Wild Robot Pages 161-176

Pages: 193 - 213 - March 21st - Tuesday

Read By: Ms. McGowan

The Wild Robot Pages 193-213

Pages: 214-231 - March 24th - Friday

Read By: Jenna Criscuolo

The Wild Robot Pages 214-231

Pages: 232-251 - March 28th - Tuesday

Read By: Ms. Martin

The Wild Robot Pages 232-251

Pages: 252-269 - March 31st - Friday

Read By: Ms. Rispoli

The Wild Robot Pages 252-269

Thank you to our reading volunteers!

We hope that you are enjoying reading The Wild Robot at home! Roz has brought a lot of fun to our building and we hope that sharing her adventures at home and at school increases our students love for reading!

Check out this article from Scholastic: How to Use Reading Time to Bond With Your Child

@WFS_Roz_Rocks or @WFSCHOOL

Follow Roz on Twitter!
The Wild Robot at West Freehold School

Take a look at West Freehold School's The Wild Robot Website for information about the book. Be on the lookout for more information as we kick off this special reading event on February 1st!

WFS Shout Out!

Our Staff Shout Out Form has returned to the WFS Snapshot. Remember, you can give a SHOUT OUT to anyone at West Freehold School....teacher, teaching assistant, custodial staff, office staff, even our PTO! Just click on the link below and let us know what you appreciate and we will share it with our staff!

Attendance Letters Explained

As the school year continues, parents/guardians may receive a formal letter from the school regarding their child(ren)'s school attendance. The two letters that are commonly received are:

1. Unexcused Absences Notification: As per Board policy #5200, this notification is required after the fourth day of an unexcused absence. Any student absence requires a written statement dated and signed in regard to the reason for an absence. Three or more consecutive absences requires a physician's note.

When you receive this notification, we ask that you complete the form and return it to the WFS Main Office. As a school, we are required by the state to document the reasons for every student absence throughout the school year.

2. Excessive Absences Notification: Excessive student absences and tardiness is a concern for any educator as the continuity of instruction is critical for student growth. The purpose of this notification is to formally share our concern with parents/guardians regarding a child's attendance. As we make our way out of a very tumultuous time of health concerns, the importance of school attendance once again becomes a top priority. Under NJ State Statutes 18A:38-25,-27,-29, schools must notify parents of excessive absences as a first step before developing an action plan to improve attendance. Once again, signing and returning the formal notification helps us document this step. Thank you for your cooperation in documenting all forms of communication.

Reporting a Student Absence

Please remember to report the absence to the WFS Main Office (732) 431-5101 by calling our attendance line. This allows us to accurately assess daily attendance and helps us assure all of our students have arrived safely to our building each day.

Next, in order to formally document the student absence and have it considered as an excused absence, a Parent Absence Form must be completed and submitted to the WFS Main Office. These forms are filed and stored as required by the state.

Thank you for your help and understanding!

For Your Information:

Dates to Remember

Friday, 3/31: School Spirit Day - Disney Day!

Wednesday, 4/5: Early Dismissal Day (12:10PM)/School Spirit Wear Day

Thursday, 4/6: No School/Spring Break Begins (4/6-4/14)

Monday, 4/17: Welcome Back From Spring Break!

Friday, 4/21: Wear Your Brightest Blue - Autism Awareness Month

Wednesday, 4/26: PTO Meeting 7:30PM WFS Media Center

Friday, 4/28: School Spirit Wear Day

Friday, 5/5: School Spirit Day - Superhero Day

Friday, 5/12: School Spirit Wear Day

Friday, 5/19: School Spirit Day - Hat Day

Friday, 5/26: Student Early Dismissal Day (12:10PM)

Student Dress Code Reminder

A district-wide dress code has been established in order to maintain an environment conducive to learning. The guidelines include:

1. Sleeveless shirts are permitted as long as they extend to the shoulder. Tank, tube and halter tops, including “spaghetti” straps, are not permitted.

2. Tasteful shorts are permitted during the school hours. Dresses, skirts and shorts shall be a length of at least mid-thigh.

3. Graphics or text on apparel that state or suggest obscene or offensive messages are prohibited.

4. Students are not permitted to wear hats in the building; however, they may bring them to school to wear during outside activities. Other inappropriate head coverings such as bandanas, sweatbands, caps and any other headwear deemed inappropriate are not to be worn during the school day or school functions, except for medical and/or religious purposes.

5. The warm weather provides us with an opportunity to go outside on a daily basis after lunch and during outside play. Flip-flops, open backed, or platform sandals are not considered to be acceptable footwear for active outside play, and your child will be asked to sit out. In addition, rollerblade sneakers are not considered appropriate footwear for school.

6. Please remember that classrooms are fully air conditioned, when needed. Your child should be dressed appropriately.

If a child’s dress is deemed inappropriate while attending the school day or other school-related events, parents or guardians will be contacted to bring their child a change of clothes.

2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration is OPEN!

Original birth certificate is required for registration. The child must be FIVE YEARS of age ON OR BEFORE October 1, 2023.


The West Freehold School PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization) exists to support WFS students and teachers by building a strong school community, offer fun and unique programs both during school hours and outside of school hours, and volunteer opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Be sure to checkout the WFS PTO website for upcoming events!

For Your Information

Important Information About Bus Transportation

In an effort to keep parents/guardians informed of transportation delays to and from school, a "button" has been added to the school district website labeled "Bus Delays." Clicking that button will take parents/guardians to a webpage that lists any transportation delays for the day. Parents/guardians should visit this page prior to calling schools or transportation to inquire about any transportation delays.
West Freehold School Website

Check out the West Freehold School website for important school information.

Free & Reduced Lunch Applications Are Available

If applying, you will need your child's School ID Number. It can be found in the family Genesis portal. Trouble logging in? Call the WFS Main Office. Email/call Ali McKee / 732-462-8400 x 8809 with any questions.





***Early Dismissal Days: 12:10PM***