The Importance Of Drunk Driving

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Teens and Drunk Driving Book Rationale

This book really helped me out with finding out the measurments of being drunk and what it takes to get drunk and also how to prevent drunk driving. The author who is Nathan Aaseng who was a microbiologist for 4 years before he became an author. He also wrote about all of these reasons about how to prevent drunk driving and how to stop it because he wants to persuade us not to drink while driving and he also wants to inform us about how it can take a toll on your life and what the law says to do about driving while drunk. This book was published in 2000 more than 14 years now but the law and impact still affect us to this day.

Book Link

Aaseng, Nathan. Teens and Drunk Driving. San Diego, CA: Lucent, 2000. Print.

Lowering Blood Alcohol Database Article Rationale

The reason I chose this article is that the law about drinking and driving is not meant to just be thought of it is meant to take action about. The studies that I have found show that a blood sample of .08 when drinking is in fact telling you that you are drunk. In order for you not to be drunk you must not have your blood at .08. This article really helps us think about how to tell if you are drunk while driving and what we need to do to change that. The encyclopedia from gale resources in context helps explain all of the state’s laws relating to drunk driving. Also this article was published in 2004 but even though it was made so long ago, the same rules still apply to this topic. The article’s purpose of this article is to help inform and persuade everyone out there to not drink and drive and what the outcomes of that will be. The person who last edited this newspaper article was Karen F. Balkin who is a published author and editor who is best at editing and writing opposing viewpoints so I can trust her.

Lowering Blood Alcohol Link to Article

Berman, Rick. "Lowering Blood Alcohol Limits Will Not Help Prevent Drunk Driving." Alcohol. Ed. Karen F. Balkin. San Diego: Greenhaven, 2004. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. of "Should States Enact .08 BAC Laws?" Washington Post Weekly Edition 13 Dec. 1999: S3. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. <|EJ3010217257&source=Bookmark&u=j246909003&jsid=92304647108df0fce4603258cf855192

Driving Under the Influence Database Article Rationale

This website is very helpful because that when you want to be informed about the causes and effects of drunk driving this website will help you with that. There is an entire section on felonies on drunk driving and about blood pressure and everything you need to know in order to figure out the importance of drunk driving. The encyclopedia from Gale is helping us with the causes of drunk driving and what happens to the people that do. The encyclopedia purpose of this article is to help inform us on drunk driving and how bad it is for us to do it and how it can damage us as people and people around us too. This article was published in 2006 and even though it was so long ago, the information is still accurate to this day. The person who edited this article was Jeffery Wilson who is an editor for Gale resources and who has graduated from the University of Michigan and has studied and edited books on dinosaurs.

Minimum Age of Drinking and Driving Article Rationale

This article on Gale Student Resources about the minimum age of driving tells us about how old you have to be to drink and drive. The purpose of this article is to inform us about how young people are that drink and drive and that we should be aware of that. This article really helps me with understanding drunk driving because I am getting ready to drive, but I must be aware of the young people out there that are driving and this will help me on my project because of the amount of information it provides. This article was published in the year of 2013 which has information that has been updated 2 years ago which is more factual information that will help us with facts in our research. Gale Resources is the author or this article and Gale is partnered with businesses and schools in order to provide educational content for anyone who needs it. They have been doing Gale for 60 years and are improving in order to give us the information that is credible and that is reliable for us to use.