Mount Vesuvius

Volcano that Ended Pompeii

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How the beast was born

Mount Vesuvius is an amazing site to visit and explore. Oh wait wrong topic. Mount Vesuvius was formed about 4.6 million years ago. It was formed by the African tectonic plate colliding with the Eurasian tectonic plate. After they collided, the African plate went under the Eurasian plate. A fun fact about it is that it when the African plate went under the Eurasian plate, a piece of the African plate teared off. Well that is how the beast was born.
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What can the beast do?

Mount Vesuvius is a scary place for me because of one reason. It is dangerous. Has anyone heard of Pompeii? Well that is what the beast can do. Pompeii in 79 A.D. was a scary place to be. Their were barely any survivors and everyone else died. During Pompeii while lava was flowing down the mountain, ash fell down 5 inches per hour! That is 120 inches a day. well I can go on forever but I am not wasting that much time
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Why did we call the beast, Mount Vesuvius

When it was formed, the time was the roman empire. The call it the collateral forms. The collateral forms are Vesaevus, Vesevus, Vesbius and Vesvius. As you can see that is what most people think of how it got its name. Other theories not as popular are From an Indo-European root, eus- < ewes- < (a)wes-, "shine" sense "the one who lightens", through Latin or Oscan. another theory is From an Indo-European root wes = "hearth"

Additional facts

17 years before Pompeii got destroyed they had earthquakes that lasted from 2 days to 7 days. The Pompeii explosion may have seemed unexpected but their were many signs. the eruption in Pompeii lasted for more tan 24 hours. two eruptions happened before the most known one. About 2.6 people visit the ruins of pompeii a year. 1.5 million tons of lava spewed from the volcano per second during pompeii. These are just some of the amazing facts.


So this is a article on Mount Vesuvius. We talked about how it was formed, why we call it mount Vesuvius, what it unleashed on Pompeii, and some additional facts that we like to use. That is my article, thanks for listening.