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Mississauga is growing as a city. But growth brings lot's of challenges and issues. Mississauga is experiencing some of this issues. But there is always a solution to an issue. we will be looking at one of the issue today.

Issue#4 Garbage mangement

What is the issue about?

Garbage management is basically people who come around and collect everyone garbage. Their job is to make sure that the waste is properly disposed. But Do people goes? or That this affects our environment and economics? We will see how this affects Mississauga
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Abov is a picture of what the trash transport trucks takes

why is this a concern?

People throw away their waste everyday and the waste management transport truck comes and take the waste away. But This actually cost lot's of money going around neighborhood and collecting waste.They then have to take it to a landfill where they dump the garbage, This also will cost landfill taxes.But not only the economic is taking a hit, Because of all the garbage in a landfill it is also hurting the environment. Waste release greenhouse gas in the form of methane which is harmful to the environment. Waste can release chemicals that can go down water bodies and containment it, which it can end up in our water supply. Also with all the smelly garbage this might not attract good people, investors which will lower our living standard

Anyone involved?

Thankfully some business have taken notice against this problem and try to reduce our garbage. Peel are introducing the 2 bags standard where if you have a excess of two garbage you have to put a tag on it which you can purchase it. This will try to encourage people to fill their green bins and recycling and reduce their waste.
Below is a little demographics about waste
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Is there a solution?

yes there is a solution. first the community needs to start recycling more. By recycling we can reduce the amount of waste we throw out and This way the recyclable material we can reprocessed into a new product. This way we can save the environment because we are reusing the material we recycled.Also it reduce's our waste by 30%. We can also take organic waste like banana peel, apple peel etc... and then decompose the organic matter. which is called composting. we can use the recycled compost for things like agriculture or landscape purpose.


In conclusion Mississauga is a growing city but has issue. waste is a big thing because it harms our environment and economic. Peel trying to reduce our waste by introducing the two bag standard and trying to get more people to recycle. Many way's we can reduce waste is using the 3 "r" reduce reuse and recycle. This way we can reduce our waste and the recycle materiel can be processed into new products.