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December 2020

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At South Elementary School, we are a learning community nurturing a culture to provide students the skills necessary to be active, productive, and responsible citizens while empowering students through communications.

Yellow Stoplight-Cohorts: Starting November 30

Yellow Stoplight

Starting November 30th

  • Students will attend school in the classroom two (2) days a week and have three (3) days a week of eLearning. (50% of students in buildings at once.)
  • Students are divided into two Cohorts (groups): A and B

Schedule for Cohorts/Groups

  • Cohort/Group A: Attend school on Monday, Tuesday with eLearning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Cohort/Group B: Attend school on Thursday, Friday with eLearning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Cohort/Group assignments can be located on the student's schedule in family access

Reminder: Students participate in e-Learning on Wednesdays. No students will come into the classroom on Wednesdays.

More details on Wednesday lunch opportunities and attendance questions for Wednesday can be found below in the newsletter.

Message from Dr. Arthur: "Thank you for your patience as we again determine the effect of COVID on educational instruction for our district. For the MSD of Martinsville, after Thanksgiving Break, our high school will still be on the Red Stop Light (eLearning from home), and our PreK through 8th-grade students will be on the Yellow Stop Light (two days of in-school instruction and three days of eLearning from home). We will stay on this plan until staffing returns to normal, and we are confident we can safely supervise all students in person."

The District Back to School plan can be found on the website, then click Back to School on the homepage.


Breakfast is not served on 2-hour delay days

(YMCA-Breakfast is offered)

Doors open at 10:25AM. School starts at 10:40AM. Walkers/Car riders should not arrive prior to 10:25AM.

Safety First

For the safety of our students, when dropping students off we need them to exit the vehicle on the side closest to the sidewalk.


You can also view these events on the calendar by clicking on "Upcoming Events".

December 7: Virtual PTO Meeting

December 18: End of 9 Weeks

December 18: Polar Express Day (wear your school appropriate pajamas)-If on yellow stoplight, then we will celebrate polar express day on December 15 and December 18 so that both cohorts get to celebrate.

December 18: Afternoon Winter Parties-If on yellow stoplight, then we will have parties on December 15 and December 18 so that both cohorts get to celebrate.

December 21-January 4: Winter Break

January 5: School Resumes for Students

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All Aboard the Polar Express!

Polar Express Day: Friday, December 18th.

*If on yellow stoplight, then we will celebrate polar express day on December 15 and December 18 so that both cohorts get to celebrate.

Wear your school appropriate pajamas.



The district has added outdoor access points to each school (and the Central Education Center) to provide WIFI for district devices.

With the increase of digital learning due to COVID, our focus is to deliver consistency for those unable to have internet services at home.

Families can park in the parking lot of each school and download homework from their teachers, then complete the assignment offline while at home. Or, students will be able to upload assignments once finished.

The district has a total of 20 new access points in the district where families can access the internet in safely lit areas that are monitored by security cameras.



Zoom is an application that allows video and audio communication. Zoom can be used to enable face to face communication with teachers when students cannot be in their buildings. These guidelines will help everyone stay cybersafe.

Teacher Safety Steps

To ensure that only teachers’ classroom students can join the meeting, teachers will send a meeting link with access information to each student. The “Waiting Room” feature will be used because this allows teachers to ‘admit” each student into the meeting. Teachers will control student audio and they will also manage who shares their screens.

Expectations for Students

**Parents - Please go through these points with your students before the first Zoom meeting.

● Make sure your device is charged or plugged in and ready to go.

● Once you have logged in, you will be placed in a waiting room. You will know you have joined the class once you see your teacher and others in the class.

● Your teacher will admit you to the meeting from ten minutes before it starts. Once you are admitted, you will wait for other classmates to join.

● Be sure you are on time as once the meeting starts, no students will be admitted since it is difficult for the teacher to teach the class and monitor the waiting room.

● Make sure your audio and video are on after you join the meeting.

● Once you join the meeting, you should be able to follow the teacher’s directions without your parent’s help.

● Your teacher will lead the discussion. Please be respectful of others -just like you are in the classroom.

● If you need to leave the meeting, please let your teacher know.

● The Zoom app and school-owned device must only be used for classroom meetings.

Parent Expectations

● Once your child has entered the Zoom meeting, please allow them to participate as if your child were in the regular classroom.

● Please try to have your child set up in an area with minimal distractions.

● There must not be any recording of video or audio during a Zoom session.

● School owned devices must never be used for personal use.


Please remember as the weather and temperatures change, make sure your child/children dress appropriately for the conditions. Students will go outside for recess even when temperatures drop.


Weather decisions are made by a district team who monitor conditions closely both through technology as well as by driving actual roads throughout the district.

When determining a delay, early dismissal, or cancellation of school, countywide weather conditions are reviewed. In addition, we utilize the National Weather Service website @ as well as a private product called Weather Sentry.


Decisions on delays or closures will be communicated to you and your family in the following ways by the district:

1.Staff/ parents will be notified through an all-call using School Messenger. (Telephone numbers are generated from our Skyward database. At your convenience, please check Skyward to ensure your telephone # is up-to-date for this academic year.)

2.Communication will be added to the district's website ( and social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, (MSD Martinsville)

3.Communication will be sent to the following radio and TV stations: WCBK, WISH 8, WRTV-6, WTHR-13, FOX-59.

Early Dismissal

As weather conditions in our area can change quickly, an early dismissal may be necessary. We will make a decision concerning dismissal as early as possible, next, call parents through School Messenger, and finally, communicate information to our website, social media, and local media.

We encourage you as a family to develop a weather plan. For example, if parents or guardians work, where should your child go if there is an early dismissal or a two-hour delay?

Please be mindful that weather prediction is just that, a prediction. The district team will drive roads, use science, and apply common sense before making any decisions. Please also keep in mind that our school service area spans many miles and while in your area it may just be flurries, we could very easily have icing conditions in another.


Want to get involved?!? Join South Elementary School PTO!!! This year's meetings will be virtual. Click on this link to fill out the “Get Involved Form” and the link for our monthly meeting will be emailed to you each month. Meetings will be the first Monday of the month at 7:00PM. Our Next meeting will be December 7th . All are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. This year is going to be different and we need lots of ideas to make it a great year! Hope to see you there!!

PTO also has spirit wear available for purchase. There are South Elementary face masks, lanyards and shirts available. Click on the button below to view and/or order spirit wear.


South Elementary PTO is hosting a Food Drive December 7-11. All items collected will go to the Gunner Burnam Food Pantry. Any donations are appreciated.

Thank you for all your help!

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Click on the button to view and/or order spirit wear.


A special Thank You to the students and the South families that ordered from the online Scholastic Book Fair. All profits made will go directly to the South School library.


NCAA® Read to the Final Four® Reading Challenge for Indiana third graders.

Thousands of Indiana third graders, including South Elementary third graders, are eligible to compete as a school-wide reading team and advance through rounds of competition that mirror the NCAA® tournament.

The bracket-style reading competition is from November through March 2021.

An exciting opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impact as part of the celebration of the NCAA® Final Four® returning to Indianapolis


South Elementary School of Communications is excited to announce that we have been named the recipient of the “If You Give A Child a Book” Campaign sponsored by WRTV and Scripps Howard Foundation. We appreciate the generosity for our students. Thank you to WRTV and Scripps Howard Foundation for supporting students at South Elementary School of Communications in literacy. Students will be given 4 books each from Scholastic Book Fairs as part of this great opportunity. Stay tuned for this event to unfold in January!


  • Free Breakfast & Lunch

  • Our MSD Food Service team is excited to announce that the USDA will extend free lunches to students through the end of the 20-21 school year. Please note this includes one meal. Ala carte items or additional meals - standard rates apply. For more information, please visit

  • Lunch will be served and eaten in the classroom.


Our MSD Food Service Team is offering breakfast and lunch to students each eLearning Wednesday beginning this week. Instead of picking up meals at school, the food items will be sent home with students each Tuesday. Orders are due each week on Monday by 12 pm.

To order and learn more, please click our link:


On Wednesdays, student's elearning days, it is important that students login on their device and complete the attendance question of the day to be counted present. Questions will be sent to students no later than 9:00 in the morning and students will have until 9:00 that evening to complete their questions. Teachers will provide specific details on how students will get these questions answered.


Only adults listed on a student's emergency contacts will be able to check out a student from school. In addition, anyone picking up a child, will need identification to be able to check a student out of school.


No visitors will be allowed beyond the front foyer area unless they have an approved scheduled meeting. If attending a scheduled meeting, social distance/mask guidelines will be followed. We will not be having visitors for breakfast, lunch, or in classrooms this year.


Please make sure that your information is current and updated including your email address. School newsletters and other important information are sent through email.


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*Please contact the office if you need this information provided in another language.