Lauren, Annabelle, Joseph, Braedon, Sammy.

Spider Monkey

Spider monkeys go grow up to 2 ft with tail. Spider monkeys stay high up in the canopy where they can find fruits and seeds to eat. They have only four fingers and no thumb.

Poison-Arrow Frog

One frog can hold enough poison to kill 100 people. They are the size of a thumb nail. They are harmless if left alone. They are found in central south america.


They can stay in the same tree for more than a year. There huge hooked arms allow them to stay upside down for a long time. The eat fruit, leaves, and young twigs.

my first plant its the Carnivorous Plant

the carnivores plant is also know as the venues fly trap. It eats insects like fly,bees and other small things.this plant is found in Asia pulse can be 30 feet tall.it also helps to keep the insecet pop

My second plant is the Bromeliads

This plant is related to the pineapple family.This plant is useful in the rain forest because it can hold seven gallons of water.Its all so homes for small animals like earthworms,frogs, fly's and many more !!!!!

my last plant it's the strangler fig

This plant is apart of the fig family.In Spanish they are know as the tree killer.The fig gives food for monkeys and birds.It surrounds the host tree and suffocates the host tree.

Rain Forest Problems

My first problem is deforestation. The source is people. The solution to this problem is to buy some of the rain forest.

My second problem is recycling. The source is people. The solution to this problem is to use white boards instead of paper.

My third problem is hurting animals. The source is poachers. The solution to this problem is make a law against poachers.


Over half of the rain forest is located in Brazil, It is as well located in...... Peru, Valenzuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname, and French Guiana. The largest Rain Forest are located in Indonesia, the Congo Basin, Nigeria, Madagascar, Vietnam, and the French Guiana. Other remnants of Rain Forest are in the United States, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, and china, also Japan. The Amazon Rain Forest is the largest Rain Forest in the world. The other Rain Forest are also in Central America, Africa, Southern Asia, and Australia.


the temperature in the rain forest are about 80 degrees all year round with exception of cold nights the temperature of the rain forest has newer dropped below 64 degrees it rains about 160--400 inches each year.only one third of the rain that falls .the humidity of tropical rain forest is usually 85 90 during the day it is usually 80 and at night it is usually even higher than 95.