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October 8, 2021

Principal Chat

Happy Fall Break! Remember there is NO SCHOOL all next week. This is my favorite break of the entire school year. By the middle of October, kids and teachers are ready to take a little breather, travel a bit or just take in the amazing Utah fall colors!

As a charter school, we are a school of CHOICE. Parents have to CHOOSE to bring their kids here and then CHOOSE to keep them here. Bridge may not be the right choice for every student or every family. Our model is unique - that is the beauty of a charter school - we are able to do things that are not mainstream, for example, learning pods, personalized learning plans (PLPs), rotations, non-traditional seating, outdoor dining, full day kindergarten, morning supervision and after school BASE.

We KNOW you have lots of schools from which to choose, including your neighborhood schools and many charter schools in other cities. If your kids are here at Bridge we must be doing something right for your family otherwise you would pull your students take them somewhere else that better fits their needs. So, THANK YOU for having your kids at Bridge and entrusting us with their education.

Please keep reading for important updates and information.

See you Monday, October 18!

Lani Rounds


Family Survey Results

Thank you ALL who completed the family survey. We will use this data to help us make improvements. Two issues that popped up several times in the "Need Improvement" area I would like to address.

1) USE THE EAST GATE TO EXIT ONTO 3500 WEST - We are unable to use the east gate which exits onto 3500 W. UDOT has forbid us to use this (it is a state road) until they have completed all of their improvements. This is why they did not have us install curb and gutter or even a driveway near the gate. Once the improvements are completed we can revisit using the back gate as an additional exit.

2) I DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA - We DO post a lot on social media. If you do NOT use social media you can ALWYAS find our live social media feed at the bottom of our website

The Facebook feed and Insta feeds are exactly alike (just in case the Insta feed is not working).

These are the survey results from the questions. The number equals the % of parents who reported an affirmative or a positive reply to the question.

I know who to contact for what = 87.1%

The weekly bulletin is useful = 97.1%

Bridge provides an environment that helps my child feel safe and supported = 96.9%

I have received information about the fresh fruit and vegetable program = 96.6%

My child's educational needs are being met = 93.1%

My child's teacher communicates clearly, timely and effectively = 85.9%

My child's teacher provides information regarding my child's progress = 87.9%

The principal, Lani Rounds, communicates clearly, timely and effectively = 98%

The principal, Lani Rounds, is positive and supportive of my student and my family = 99.7%

The office staff communicates clearly, timely and effectively = 99.7%

The office staff are positive and supportive of my student and my family = 99.7%

The at-risk program coordinator, Sara Tucker, communicates clearly, timely and effectively = 99.1%

The at-risk program coordinator, Sara Tucker, is positive and supportive of my student and my family = 98.3%

I would recommend Bridge to other families = 96.6%

The COVID mitigation measure taken are within reason = 79.8%

The COVID mitigation measures are too strict = 4.9%

The COVID mitigation measures are not strict enough = 15.9%

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Shirts On Sale Again

Shirts, crewneck sweatshirts and t-shirts, are on sale for the fall. There are limited choices on purpose. If we did "ship to home" it costs you an additional $6.95 per order. The "ship to school" allows us to do FREE shipping, saving you money, but increases the amount of work for our office staff. By limiting the choices it reduces our workload and helps reduce the chance of us making an error when distributing the shirts.

The promotion ends Monday, October 18. We do NOT sell shirts at the school so this is the ONLY way to purchase Bullfrog shirts for your kids. Please remember, if you are ordering a YOUTH size the size must be preceded by "Y". For example, "YS" is a youth small while "S" is an adult small. We cannot exchange shirts that were ordered incorrectly.

Trick or Treat with Roy City

Once again Roy City is offering a city-wide Trick or Treat and Bridge is again one of the stops on the route. The event is October 25, 5:00 - 8:00 pm. You MUST pre-register at
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Morning Drop Off and Recess Information

Morning drop off should NOT happen prior to 7:30 am. There is NO student supervision before this time. We feel that opening the doors at 7:30 is a great benefit for our kids as most schools make students stand outside until 8:15 or later. Please help us ensure your child's safety and do NOT drop them off prior to 7:30 am.

Recess - our kids WILL go outside for recess unless the feels like temperature is LESS THAN 20F, it is severely windy, or there is a lot of precipitation. Light sprinkling or snow fall is NOT enough to keep kids inside. It is Utah and winter is coming. Please have your kids dress appropriately for the weather. Do you know in North Dakota kids play OUTSIDE for recess when it is -14F?

Zero Ribbits Winners

Our Zero Ribbits winners for the week was 6th grade! These amazing kiddos get a FREE dress down day on Wednesday, October, 20! Grades earn Zero Ribbits tickets for having silent transitions between activities, such as coming in from recess or going to lunch. The grade with the most tickets on Friday earn a free dress down day the following week. At the end of each month all the winners are placed in a bucket and the winning class gets a Purple Ticket Party while the teachers and para-educators get an hour break.


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Lost & Found

Our Lost and Found is a never ending disaster. The Lost & Found sits under the front portico. Students and/or parents can access this before or after school or even on the weekends. When students come to the office to look for something they have lost, we escort them to the mountainous pile outside and they look for their lost items.

When we return from Fall Break, the remaining items will be bagged and donated to a local shelter. Last year we donated at least 10 large bags of lost and found items.

Excuse an Absence

PLEASE excuse your child's absence by:

  • Calling our attendance line (801)499-5180
  • Using the online form found on our website under the Student Data icon



Bridge is ALWAYS in need of great subs! If you are interested in subbing at Bridge - lunchroom, recess, classrooms, special education, etc. please apply today through Ready2Teach using the button above. We pay $12 for all substitute positions.

Visible Learning - Reflection

REFLECTION teaches students to review their learning to determine what works and ways in which they can improve.

Practice these "I WILL" statements with your student:

  • Look back.
  • Listen to feedback.
  • Learn about myself.
  • Plan my next steps.
  • Reflect often.

Our mission is to empower students to take ownership of their own learning. By learning, practicing and embracing these visible learning traits, students will have the skills needed to become accountable for their own lifelong learning. You can find the six Visible Learning traits on our website at Visible Learning

Bridge Elementary

The mission of Bridge Elementary is to provide students with a personalized learning experience and empower them to take personal ownership and accountability for their own academic performance.


Principal - Lani Rounds

Lead Secretary - Lalani Williams (Aspire, registration, lottery)

Admin Support - Sara Tucker - (Title 1 and At-Risk Coordinator, ELL support, 504 Plans and BASE)