The Laborer saves US

Solving Strikes with the Big Stick

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The Unbaerable

George Baer became The Unbaerable in the miner strike of 1902. He, a multimillionaire himself, reflected the ideals of the rich in the strike. The Unbaerable refused to talk to the strikers, recognize their union, supported low wages and long (10 hr) workdays, and stopped coal supply in the US in the winter. This, aside from letting people freeze, also closed schools, factories, and hospitals.

What was done?

The Laborer threatened to seize the mines with federal troops to break The Unbaerable's grip and forced him into compromise. To stop other villains, he created the Department of Commerce and Labor and Bureau of Corporations.
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The Uppity Worker

Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, showing the horror of the working class' lives. The Jungle focuses on the lives of Lithuanian immigrants to Chicago where they worked in the meatpacking industry. It also highlighted the unsanitary conditions of the food that was produced.

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