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sunny days

Hello and happy sunny summer, my very warm wishes to you. I hope if you've had a holiday it was perfect and if you are yet to go have a wonderful time. Cascais was amazing although out seems a long time ago back in June. Had no idea it was possible to drink quite so much prosecco all day and all night and still remain standing!!!

So its excitement overdrive here with the launch of quite simply the very best Stella & Dot collection ever. The new look book is more a fashion magazine than a catalogue and if you would like me to mail you one then please just let me know. It would be my pleasure.

For those of you who like to know whats "in fashion" then allow me to give you a quick update on the key looks.

1. Colour Popping

Its here to stay with Hot PINK being the colour of the season. Be bold if your personality allows or be subtle but make sure you have something in hot pink. Wear it pink on pink or clash it whatever takes your fancy but look out for an abundance of black and white geometric prints as this look will be picked up by all the designers and high street fashion stores and its a great way to balance bright colours,and we all have black and white!

2. Embellishment

This is the word and all metallic colour from gold to bronze to silver to pewter is soooo in. We have the most beautiful new bag in this colour way called the Bond Street Tote which is in metallic mink and its made of faux nubuck which is almost stain resistant

( a necessity with a pale coloured bag ). Any combination of stunning pale pink, mint green and mixed metals are in vogue from the big statements to the layered look which continues to be very workable

3. The Chic Boutique.

Pave is the new buzz word in the fine jewellery world and of course as our Chief Design Officer, Blythe Henwood Harris, trained at the Institute of Parsons in Paris she has perfected this technique. Pave is the art of hand setting tiny stones ( not diamonds in our case) into delicate and beautifully designed pieces and we feature this in gold and rose gold. Its beautiful and if you love pretty delicate and stylish jewellery you should totally check this out

4. Own IT

The last feature of the new collection is not so much a style but a fashion trend which is that of personalised jewellery. We call it the OWN IT boutique and we now have silver and gold necklaces in long and short along with two new tiffany inspired charm bracelets and a whole collection of new charms so that you can totally bespoke a gift to a loved one or yourself. Its such a meaningful way to gift jewellery when it shows that you have thought specifically about the persona you love enough to gift them a bespoke piece.

so take a look

My Sample Sale BARGAINS

as you can imagine I've had to kiss goodbye to some of my samples to make room for the new ones and I have these listed on a special page on Facebook. Its a group and so if you'd like to be added please "friend request " me on Facebook and I will gladly add you to take a look. All samples are at least 50% reduced plus

and finally

if you'd like to order you know how, just visit my website. If you'd like a few gals round for some fun, fizz and jewels then you need to call me. Special rewards on top of your normal hostess rewards for august is an EXTRA £40.00 in free jewels and when you book me in September you can choose a free pair of new season studs alongside your regular hostess rewards. Whats not to love!!

Birthday Gals

Don't forget to email me your birthdate, just the day and month and I will pop these details into the system. provided you are signed up to receive our marketing emails when its your birthday S&D will send you a special.