By: Tashaun Shumate


Picture this. Buddhism/Hinduism have things in common but totally different. Even though they were born in Ancient India, and practiced by early Indians, they have many differences.


First, you got Hinduism... they are a polytheistic religion and they are 3 major gods: Brahman,Shiva and Vishnu. Hinduism believes that everyone has a soul has a soul and it's called "Atman". They believed in the process of being reborn called "Reincarnation". Hinduism believes that your Atman's ultimate goal is to reunite with Brahman.


Second, you got Buddhism... they only worship no god and Buddhism is neither monotheistic or polytheistic. Buddhism have used the Hindu ideas and Buddhism have rejected many of the ideas contained in the the Vedas. They believed thatv in reincarnation you may have to be reborn to attain "Nirvana". Buddhism spread because the message was simple.

Buddhism/Hinduism Compare

Third, you got how Buddhism/Hinduism are compared and are alike. They both believe in being reborn which is called "Reincarnation". They believe in "Dharma" & "Kharma"... "Dharma means "you accept your fate or position in society without complaint". "Kharma" means "what goes around comes around", and there is "Good Kharma" & "Bad Kharma".


Both Ancient religions continue to be popular today. There are over 1 billion people who practice these religions today. It is amazing to me that these religions have stood the test of time.